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Are you in need of extra storage space or a unique structure for your next project? The decision to rent or buy a cargo shipping container is one that many individuals and businesses find themselves pondering.  


When faced with the decision of whether to rent or buy, it’s crucial to consider all the factors at play. From cost considerations to long-term practicality, weighing the pros and cons can be overwhelming. 


Whether you are looking for temporary storage, a mobile office, or even a tiny home, our team at A American Container is here to guide you through this exciting process. So let’s dive in and explore what you need to know when renting versus buying a steel shipping container! 

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When to Lease a Container  


There are several scenarios in which renting a shipping container can be the most cost-effective solution for your storage needs. 


For instance, if you’re undergoing a home renovation or remodeling project, renting a shipping container provides the flexibility of having your belongings nearby but out of harm’s way. This not only ensures that your items are secure and protected from potential damage, but it also allows for easy accessibility as you continue working on your space. 


Another reason to consider renting a shipping container is when you need short-term storage during a move. Traditional moving companies often offer storage solutions, but they can be quite expensive and may come with limitations in terms of access frequency and duration.  


By opting for a rental instead, you have the convenience of keeping your possessions close by while having full control over access and time frame.  


When to Buy a Container  


When considering buying a steel shipping container, it’s important to assess your specific needs and the potential for modification. These versatile structures can be transformed into stunning tiny homes or efficient office spaces, tailored to meet any requirement.  


The beauty of steel containers lies in their ability to adapt
 and grow with you over time, making them an ideal
choice for permanent usage. 



Not only do steel cargo containers offer flexibility, but they also come with the added advantage of reduced fees in comparison to traditional construction methods. Instead of spending countless hours and resources on building from scratch, you can simply modify a shipping container to suit your needs.  


This not only saves you money but also allows for quicker occupancy – a crucial factor when it comes to job site offices or temporary workspaces. 

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How to Decide Whether to Rent or Buy  


You can call and chat with us to help decide of course, but generally speaking, some, if not all, of these factors may come to mind when wondering whether to rent or buy a steel storage container:  




As a general rule, buying a container may be financially advantageous if you intend to use it for more than a year. Note: You will be responsible for delivery and pickup fees for all container rentals.   


When you buy a container, you’ll just pay one fee to purchase it and have it delivered. To determine which choice is most cost-effective for your budget, our team at A American Container will assist you in comparing the costs of a long-term lease and a purchase.  




Not sure how long you might need a container? Then a long-term lease can be a better choice for you since you might not want the responsibility of ownership. Plus, you won’t need to worry about selling the container when you’ve finished using it.  


With a lease, all you have to do is call when you’re done, and we’ll come pick it up!   




Our fleet consists of both more recent (One-Trip) and older (CW, A, B, C Grades) containers, all of which are wind and waterproof. Our used containers are available for rent or buy, however, One-Trip units are only available for purchase because they are typically modified or are ready to modify.   


Leasing an A-grade container can be your best option if the condition of the container is a concern. Buying a used container can be a better deal if you don’t mind a few scratches and dings.   


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A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage   


Whether you need a shipping container for personal or business use, buying or leasing can both be viable options. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences.  


Buying a shipping container provides long-term ownership and flexibility in customization, while leasing offers a cost-effective solution with the ability to upgrade or return the container when necessary.  


Whatever option you choose, our friendly team at A American Container is here to assist you in making the right decision. Contact us today for a quote at 813-740-1911 and let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs!  


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