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As a business owner, you know the importance of being organized and efficient. To keep everything running smoothly, it is essential to maximize your space if you are storing items in a shipping container.  


Shipping containers have become increasingly popular due to their ability to maximize space and allow for easy access to goods. Whether you’re storing for long-term or short-term, there are many ways to make sure your storage container is used in the most efficient way possible. 


In this guide, our team at A American Container outlines how to make the most out of your storage container and be certain that every inch is utilized properly. Let’s get into it! 

Red 40-foot container on lift at A American lot

Unleash the Potential of Your Steel Shipping Container  


After being used to ship cargo across the ocean, shipping containers find another use on land—storage solutions for businesses far and wide. They can be used as-is for storing equipment and seasonal decor, and with a few simple modifications such as lighting and shelving, business owners can store much more!  


Follow this guide to make the most of your shipping container’s space, whether you have a 20’ or 40’ unit!  


Choosing the Right Size  


First, before we get into the inside of the container, size matters. You will want to consider what you are planning to store, and how much of it there is. This will help you decide what size will best suit your needs.  


At A American, we offer 20’ and 40’ containers for renting, purchasing, and modifying.  



Fun fact, you could fit 100 standard-sized washing machines or 48,000 bananas into a 20-foot container. That’s a lot of bananas!  


Containers can be used to store a myriad of things including: 



You could have a 20’ or 40’ container delivered to your construction site, restaurant parking lot, or business and start storing in an instant, without any modifications.  


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Atlas Shelving System A American Container

Install Shelves 


If you want to free up floor space and maximize your container’s strong steel walls, consider installing shelving units like our proprietary Atlas Shelving System within the container. 



  • Hanging racks from the walls or ceilings can also be useful for storing smaller items that would otherwise get lost in piles on the ground. 


  • You may also want to look into using pallets for larger items as this will provide better stability and allow for more efficient loading/unloading of items. 

Modified Container with Three Doors at A American Container Lot

Doors & Accessibility  


Shipping containers are a popular choice for storing large items due to their portability and durability. However, to fully maximize the use of these storage containers, modifications are often made to the doors to provide greater functionality.  


Door modifications are an important aspect of storing large items in a steel container, as they can help improve efficiency, safety, and overall organization.  


When modifying doors on a shipping container for increased storage capabilities, you must consider the type of items being stored. If you are storing large machinery or construction equipment, this could mean adding additional door openings or reinforcement bars to make loading and unloading from the container safer and easier.  


Further, insulation may be necessary depending on where the container is located and what kind of climate it will experience—this could help protect items stored inside from extreme temperatures or moisture damage in our Florida heat.  


Finally, partitions can be installed inside the container which will allow it to hold items of different sizes or types in separate areas at once. 


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20 Foot Container office on lift at A American Lot

Maximize Storage Space with A American Container 


Steel shipping containers are an effective and easy solution for anyone looking for extra room for their business, home, or office. Furthermore, these containers are weatherproof, secure, and robust enough to handle any item you need to store, even heavy machinery.  


With a little creativity and effort, you can use a shipping container to its fullest potential!  


How Can We Help You Think Outside the Box?® Reach out to our team at A American Container for a quote to rent, buy, or modify a steel container today!  


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