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When you’re a project manager at a construction site, the success of the project is one of your top priorities. Risk management is a crucial part of a construction project’s success so it should be a top priority too.  


Remember, at a construction site, anything can look appealing to thieves, even if you’d think otherwise. This means that everything from large equipment to small tools might attract someone with bad intentions.  


To properly combat the risks of potential thefts, consider the following security tips from our team at A American Container.  


Key Takeaways: 


  • Making security measures a habit will deter thieves and make stealing less appealing.  
  • Our proprietary DRP Locking System is designed to resist a thief’s attempts to breach your container. 
  • Training your employees to take security seriously is an important part of keeping your construction site more secure.  
  • Need secure storage space or a GLO for your job site? Give our team a call. 

Preventing Construction Site Thefts 


Sadly, nothing will ever be truly theft-proof, but there are actions we can take to help increase security. 


Your crew won’t be at your construction site 24/7. Therefore, you should consider the following solutions to help keep your site safe from thieves during non-working hours.  


#1. Lock Items Away  


It is critically important to encourage your crew to lock up the equipment when not in use.  


Making security a daily habit will reduce the chance of theft,  

deterring thieves by making stealing riskier.  


Security options include: 


  • Chaining up equipment  
  • Placing tools in a locked shipping container storage unit  
  • Locking the office door on your way out, even during normal working hours  



#2. Utilize Shipping Container Storage Solutions  


Using a modified shipping container for equipment storage or an onsite mobile construction office can greatly maximize security. Why? Because shipping containers are incredibly secure and durable.  


Not only will a shipping container keep tools, equipment, and office space safe, but it will also keep items out of sight and the elements during off-hours to help keep thefts at bay.  


At A American Container, we have locking systems available that will keep your storage container safer from security breaches and theft.  

A American Container's DRP Locking System

DRP Locking System 


Our proprietary external lockbox system is based on several years of researching theft due to the use of commercially available lockbox systems and prefabricated shipping containers.  


Our revolutionary system is designed to resist a thief’s attempts to pry, sledgehammer, or cable the security system, ultimately keeping your storage container more secure than anything else on the market.  


  • Only available at A American Container 
  • Solid steel construction  
  • Welded directly to the container for strength 
  • Requires a “hockey puck” style lock such as an American 2000 or Master Lock 6270  
  • Bolt cutters or sledgehammers cannot be used to breach this system 

A American Container's red lock with key


Cargo Door Lock  


This heavy-duty cargo door lock secures both doors of a shipping container by locking the innermost vertical locking bars together. This locking system is an excellent choice for customers who already own a container or didn’t have the opportunity to have the DRP Locking System installed by our modification team.  


  • Recommended for construction site storage containers 
  • Adjustable to fit the door’s vertical bars from 9 ¾ to 16” apart 
  • An extension is available for odd-size containers  
  • No mounting is required and easy to install  
  • Available with either a high-security barrel-style keyed lock or a built-in padlock with a changeable combination 


#3. Add a Fence  


A fence protects the public and also protects your jobsite. Adding a fence around your construction lot is an extra layer of security. Adding multiple layers of theft prevention measures makes it harder for would-be intruders to steal from your company.  


A fence can be a great initial  

deterrent for potential thieves.  


#4. Install Security Cameras  


Even though security cameras aren’t as obvious as a fence, seeing them mounted around a construction site can still deter unwanted intruders. Video security is great construction site theft prevention, and the video footage can lead to real consequences for thieves after the fact.  


Consider hanging signs alerting intruders that they are being recorded so they know to expect consequences if they steal from your site.  


#5. Internal Security Measures  


Aside from making your site as secure and well-monitored as possible, you should prioritize internal processes that encourage your employees to play their part in keeping the lot secure.  


Project managers should set the standard for security management. This can be done by training employees on the importance of keeping tools organized and locked away, as well as incorporating check-in and check-out systems for tools and equipment to keep everyone on the same page.  

Secure Your Construction Site  


When you’re building a project, preventing construction site theft is important to keep the job on track. Make the most of onsite security with a modified shipping container storage solution for your tools and equipment or a mobile office to keep paperwork secure.  


Take the next step to secure your job site. Contact A American Container in Tampa Bay to discuss getting your own modified shipping container with our proprietary DRP Locking System today; 813- 740-1911!  


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