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What to Know Before the Truck Arrives

Before the delivery, take time to decide where you would like the container to be located.  When making this decision there are a few things to consider:

  • The ground should be level
  • The ground needs to be solid and dry, soft ground will cause trucks to become stuck, trucks and containers are heavy
  • The area is clean of debris
  • The route to where the container will be located is a minimum of 12-foot wide
  • Overhead clearance of the route, at least 14-foot high
  • Overhead clearance at the point where the container will be offloaded, 20-foot high
  • Which way would you like the doors
    • Trucks back up and then pull out from underneath the container
    • Doors either are the first to come off or last

You also need to know what size container will fit your location and needs:


  • 40-foot containers need 135-feet of straight pull out
    • There is approximately 320-square feet of floor storage space
  • 20-foot containers need 65-feet of straight pull out
    • There is approximately 160-square feet of floor storage space

The Delivery Process

  • 1. Dispatch will call the day before delivery to let you know the approximate time you can expect your container
  • 2. The driver will call when they are on the way to deliver the container
  • 3. Once the driver arrives, the truck backs the container into place
  • 4. Containers need to be put on (4) 6”X6” pressure treated wood blocks, if the ground is not concrete or asphalt (A American will supply blocks for rental customers)
  • 5. The driver will tilt the bed of the truck and pull out from underneath the container, leaving the container on the wood blocks
  • 6. Once the container is in place, the driver will check that the container is level and the doors open and close (unlevel container, doors do not work)
  • 7. Once you have signed the paperwork, you can start storing with confidence.

Helpful Information

How will the container be secured?
    • Containers come with up to 4 latches that can use padlocks (locks sold separately)
    • For high security needs, we recommend adding our locking system
  • What will the container rest on?

    Containers need to be off the ground due to the wood floors, unless they are being placed on a concrete slab or asphalt.  (4) 6”X6” pressure treated wood block work the best. This can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, or a lumber yard. We recommend purchasing one 6 or 8 foot, 6”X6” post and having it cut into 4 sections.  Concrete blocks Do Not Work (rental customers do not need to worry about blocks, A American will provide them at the time of delivery)

      How can you avoid delivery delays and complications?
      • Firm ground is required along the entire route where the container will be delivered.  If the ground is soft or to wet, the truck will sink or get stuck due to the weight of the truck.
      • Checking there isn’t any debris, low hanging tree limbs, power lines, septic tank, and pipes in the route where the container is going to be off loaded.
      • Answer the call from the driver to confirm you are there and ready for the container.  Not answering could cause the delivery to be rescheduled.
    1. Our customer service team is eager to help your delivery and pickup experience go as smooth as possible, please don’t hesitate to call 813.740.1911 or Contact Us.


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