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Container Modifications


Why ModifY Containers

At A American Container, we understand that storage container usage and requirements can vary greatly depending on the purpose and project. Our portable storage and shipping containers can be modified and customized to meet all your needs. We have the inventory, experience, and track record of success in container modification that you require. Whatever you dream, we can help make a reality. Let us help you Think Outside the Box.

Custom Conversions
Entry Doors
Electrical & Lighting
Interior Finishing


Since 1998 A American Container has had the privilege to be involved in many different container modifications. Below you can see some examples of container modifications that our customers have dreamt up to meet their unique needs.



Windows provide an inexpensive option for natural light in your container. At A American Container we use quality windows and frames that will last the life of the container.  All windows are framed in 2” x 4” steel tubing or larger depending on the design. Add the optional safety bars for additional security.

  • Standard window is 35” x 35” (custom sizes are available)
  • Fully welded 2″x 4″ steel tubing
  • ½ inch steel square safety bars (optional)
  • Fully finished with interior build out (optional)


Steel Commercial DOORS

Your container comes standard with cargo doors on one end. If you’re looking for an additional entry point, adding a steel commercial door or two can make accessing your items much easier.

  • 3/0 (36″ inch) steel commercial door
  • Slab door or with window (variable sizes available)
  • Single or double bore (deadbolt)
  • Fully welded 2″ x 4″ steel tubing frame
  • Fully finished with interior build out (optional)
  • Wind and Watertight


Containers come standard with cargo doors on one end. Roll up doors are an easy way to access the container from the side, or replace the container cargo doors with a roll up door.

  • Available in several sizes: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, and up to 16’ wide
  • Average about 7’ high on standard container
  • Average about 8’ high on high cube container
  • All steel construction
  • Hurricane rated
  • Lockable sliding clasps from inside and/or outside
  • Fully welded frame to reinforce the section of wall removed. Not all companies do that.


When climate control is essential in unforgiving environments, some options are ventilating and air conditioning/heating. We have several options for your container depending on size and temperature requirements.

Through-Wall A/C


Through-wall A/C systems are the most common type of A/C system we install. Competitors may install window A/C systems, but those can be hard to replace with the same size unit if it were to break.  By using a through-wall A/C you have the peace of mind knowing that it can be replaced years or even decades down the road with little to no hassle.

  • Most common style of A/C installed
  • Used for both heating and cooling
  • Through wall sleeve dimensions: 26”W x 15”H x 17″D
  • Available in 8K BTU, 10K BTU, 12K BTU, and 14K BTU
  • Fully welded 2″ x 4″ tubing frame
  • ½ inch steel square safety bars
  • Fully finished with interior build out (optional)
  • Wind and Watertight

Mini-split A/C

Mini-split A/C is the most efficient A/C system on the market with 21+ SEER ratings. They are more expensive than a through-wall unit but their efficiency makes them an excellent option. 

  • Used for both heating and cooling
  • Fully finished with interior build out (optional)
  • Smaller exterior cut through
  • Wind and Watertight


Commercial Wall Hvac

Commercial wall HVACs, commonly called Leach or Bard units, are available in sizes ranging from 1.5 tons to 5 tons.

  • Used for both heating and cooling
  • Fully finished with interior build out (optional)
  • Wind and Watertight



Lateral vents are the securest type of vents that we offer. Because of their size and location, they are the most efficient non-powered ventilation offered. Vents come in 20’ sections that can be broken up into any length. Most customers break the lateral vents up into two 10’ sections on either side of the container.

  • Proprietary venting system, only available at A American Container
  • 20’ of vent
  • Vent openings are ¼” wide
  • Vent is located on the sidewall, just below the roof
  • Low profile


Square Vents

Square vents are the traditional vents that are thought of when people think of venting. Our square vents come in 12” x 12”, custom sizes are available.

  • 12” x 12” vent
  • Vent openings are ½”
  • Can be located anywhere on the container

Electrical & lighting

Sometimes you need electrical added to your container to power your HVAC, lighting, or anything else you may want to plug in. A American Container can install a custom electrical setup or you can choose from one of our electrical packages.

Load Center

Electrical starts with the load center (main breaker). Our standard load center is a 100 AMP main breaker with a grounding bar. This comes standard with a 1 ½” LB on the exterior so that the electrical can be brought into the container by a qualified electrician.

  • Standard 100 AMP main breaker
  • Custom wiring configurations
  • 12 gauge / 20 AMP copper wiring
  • Higher AMP wiring available upon request


Our outlets are the same ones used in commercial and residential buildings. They are either 110v or 220v depending on the application needed.

  • Outlet AMP is matched to wiring AMP
  • Outlet locations can be placed anywhere you request


Interior overhead lighting is a common choice for our customers who choose to have electric installed in their container. At A American Container we use LED lights that are not only energy efficient, but also give off better lighting than traditional fluorescent lights.

  • 4’ LEDs lights
  • Custom layout options available


Flood lights are a great way to illuminate around your container for better safety and security.

  • Motion sensors available
  • Can be located where you want


A porch light is a great way to illuminate the area around the door(s) for better safety and security.

  • Can be connected to a light switch
  • Can have a daylight sensor to turn on at dusk and off at dawn


Electrical PACKAGES

To make your buying experience easier, A American Container has ready-made electrical packages lined up for your convenience. Packages can be adjusted to suit your needs (pricing will reflect cost difference).

20′ COntainer

  • (1) 100 AMP Main Breaker
  • (3) 4’ LED overhead lights
  • (4) 110v – 20 AMP double outlets with covers
  • (1) 220v – 20 AMP outlet with cover for A/C (if required, if not this will be an additional 110v – 20 AMP double outlet with cover)
  • (1) 110v – 20 AMP light switch

40′ Container

  • (1) 100 AMP Main Breaker
  • (5) 4’ LED overhead lights
  • (6) 110v – 20 AMP double outlets with covers
  • (1) 220v – 20 AMP outlet with cover for A/C (if required, if not this will be an additional 110v – 20 AMP double outlet with cover)
  • (1) 110v – 20 AMP light switch


Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed cell spray foam is the most cost-effective way to insulate your container. It offers the highest insulation value, roughly R-6 per inch. The spray foam fully covers the surface of the corrugated shipping container walls. There are no gaps between the insulation and the container’s interior wall, unlike fiberglass or polystyrene panels. There is considerably less risk of condensation or moisture developing with closed cell spray foam. It can be sprayed as thick as necessary to attain whatever insulating value you need.

  • Can be sprayed over electrical conduits
  • Variable R value
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Can be cleaned with a water hose
Container interior with yellow spray insulation

Fiberglass Insulation with interior finish

Built to Florida Building Code requirements, A American Container frames out the interior of the container with 2” x 4” studs that are 16” on center. We do not make any penetrations to the exterior walls or roof in this process. R-13 insulation is installed in the walls and R-30 in the ceiling to keep inline with Florida Building Code. A American Container will then install wall paneling of your choice.

  • Custom wall covering
  • Professional looking
  • FRP walls can be cleaned easily
  • Colors of your choice


inside 20-foot container office
desk interior finishing in container


Almost all of our shipping containers come with 1 1/8” thick marine grade plywood that is specially made for the shipping container industry. Sometimes you need to cover it to suit your needs.


The most common way to cover it is to paint it. It can be the least expensive and, depending on the type of paint requested, it can be very durable, and comes in the color of your choice.

Diamond Plate Steel or Aluminum

Sometimes the job needs a much stronger floor. At A American Container we can install diamond plate flooring to fill that need. We typically install 3/16” diamond plate. The sheets are then welded along the seams and sides.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor covering is a seamless sheet that covers the entire floor. Vinyl is oil resistant, fire retardant, and easy to clean. If you’re looking for a durable, easy to clean floor covering, this is a great choice.

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