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Shipping containers with roll-up doors are different from traditional shipping containers in that they have roll-up doors on the side rather than one end. This is beneficial for many industries and uses, especially for businesses that need to store large equipment, vehicles, or even pipes for plumbing.  


Our modification team at A American Container explains why roll-up door modifications can enhance your business’s productivity. Let’s go!  


Key Takeaways: 

  • Containers with roll-up doors offer enhanced functionality for a range of businesses 
  • They are easier to access and can house large equipment and inventory  
  • Our modification team at A American Container can modify your container in multiple ways, including adding roll-up doors!  

Roll-Up Door Container Modifications 


Shipping containers are manufactured with cargo doors on one end. These are the doors that allow shipping companies to load and unload cargo that travels across the ocean. Thanks to their secure locking mechanisms and their large openings, these doors are an important asset in using shipping containers, even after they are repurposed into storage spaces or mobile offices.  


Roll-up doors, on the other hand, are additional modifications that can be added to the long sides of a container. But you can still keep the main cargo doors, allowing for multiple entry points into the container.  


Note: Our modification team can incorporate roll-up doors into the side of a container but the containers come pre-manufactured. 


Uses for Side Opening Shipping Containers  


Thanks to their added functionality, containers with roll-up doors offer a range of practical uses including: 


  • Storage: Containers are already the perfect storage solution, but with roll-up door modifications, you will have easier access and the ability to store larger items.  


  • Alternate uses: Shipping containers with roll-up doors are a great base for shipping container conversions. Whether you want to design a classroom, restaurant, bar, or functional workspace, the ease of access proves quite useful for a range of options.  


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The Benefits of Roll-Up Door Modifications  


Roll-up door modifications have several benefits including: 


#1. Easier Loading & Unloading 


Shipping containers with roll-up doors provide easy access for loading and unloading supplies, equipment, and other goods, especially if a pallet truck or forklift is being used. The forklift can easily drive in, then place and stack items with little effort.  


This would be a lot more difficult if you only had the end doors to utilize! 


#2. Easier Access  


With a back-to-front loading style, it can be nearly impossible to access inventory and goods that were loaded first. You would have to take everything out of the front just to get to the items stored in the back. This can be a big waste of time.  


With roll-up door modifications, goods that are loaded first don’t have to be unloaded last, making it easier to retrieve equipment and inventory quickly and efficiently.  

A American Container's Double Roll Up Doors for NASA

#3. Enhanced Functionality  


Roll-up doors greatly improve the functionality of the shipping container because it can be divided into two or more parts. This is ideal when you want your container to serve as multiple office spaces, workshops, storage areas, or retail spaces.  


#4. Conversion Capabilities  


The best part of having a shipping container with modified roll-up doors is that it can be used for anything from homes and sheds, to offices, and even restaurant spaces. 


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Time to Modify? Call A American Container 


Shipping containers with roll-up doors are beneficial for many industries and uses. They are especially helpful for businesses that need to store large equipment or other inventory. If you need extra storage space, consider investing in a shipping container and request a roll-up door modification. 


Our modification team is here to make your storage dreams a reality! Call A American Container in Tampa, Florida for a shipping container quote today; 813-740-1911! 

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