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While trends come and go, we believe that the current trend of using converted shipping containers to start or expand your retail business is here to stay. From pop-up shops to storage for retail stores, shipping containers offer the freedom and flexibility to help small business owners capitalize on particular events and markets.  


Here are some of our favorite reasons why choosing a shipping container conversion is perfect for your retail store!  


Why a Shipping Container Conversion?

The unique modular nature of shipping containers allows them to be modified to fit your unique needs. Do you need a pop-up shop or retail store? What about storage space or a mobile office for the administrative part of your business? A shipping container can do it all!  


Plus, shipping containers are trending in markets all across the United States. Nearby in Wesley Chapel, Tampa, a new retail complex, Krate container park, has opened in The Grove. You guessed it; all the businesses are housed in converted shipping containers!  


There are nearly 50 shops and restaurants housed inside these converted shipping containers, with space for even more. The best part? Most are locally owned.  


The shipping container park is meant to be a more affordable option than opening a typical brick-and mortar-storefront—just one of the many perks of a converted shipping container! 


For many business owners, modified shipping containers are their first shot at running a business that resembles a brick-and-mortar. 


Here are a few more great reasons why shipping container conversions make sense for retail businesses: 


Fast Construction

With a shipping container conversion, you could be opening your pop-up shop or retail space in a matter of a few short weeks. You can choose between many grades of shipping containers to meet your budget, but we recommend one-trip shipping containers, as they are what we consider the best as far as aesthetics go!   


Our modification team can add: 




When your shipping container shop is locked up and not in use, you can have peace of mind that your inventory is safe and sound from theft and vandalism. With the addition of our proprietary DRP Locking System, your retail space will be almost impossible to break into.  


Further, since we have to deal with hurricane season in Florida, you can rest assured that your shipping container will be secure from the elements due to its strong CORTEN steel construction. What more could you ask for your retail space?  


Another great benefit of shipping containers is that they give business owners the option for short or long-term use. If you don’t know how long you need your container for, you can rent a basic container on a month-to-month contract or any duration that best fits your needs.  


You can also purchase them upfront, which we recommend so that you have unlimited modification possibilities available to you once you complete the purchase. Then, if your business grows or changes, you can either add-on to your container, move it, or sell it.  


Stand Out From the Crowd

Bottom line? Shipping container conversions will get you noticed! If you want to elevate your brand above the competition and stand out in a competitive retail market, a shipping container retail space can be just the way to do it. The only limits on the modifications are your imagination!  


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Top Retail Shipping Container Conversion Tips  


  • While we can convert any shipping container to any size, we recommend choosing a 20 ft or 40 ft shipping container, as they offer the best value and don’t need to be cut to size.  
  • Try a fun paint color for the outside of your container to truly set yourself apart!  
  • For an extra touch, consider including bi-fold doors that you can open to attract customers inside.  


Design a Retail Container Conversion

At A American Container, we like to think of shipping containers as a blank canvas, ready for modification. We can take a bare-bones container and turn it into a functional retail space, equipped with electricity, windows, custom access doors, storage space, and more!  


If you are ready to jump in on the retail shipping container conversion trend, contact our friendly team at A American Container for a quote at 813-740-1911! We are excited to discuss your project with you!  






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