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When it comes to choosing the best shipping container solution for your business, size matters! Depending on your needs, your storage solution should be “just right,” and have the ability to be modified if needed.  


A American Container offers a few sizes of shipping containers as well as specialty containers so you can find the right solution for your unique requirements. 


Here, we outline how to choose the best portable storage container and discuss the various types of containers available to purchase and rent from us. 

20-Foot Shipping Containers 


When it comes to shipping containers, 20-foot containers are the most popular size. Not only do they have ample room, but they offer a lot of versatility as a storage solution too.  



You could stack the equivalent of around 100 

standard-sized washing machines inside a  

20-foot shipping container! 



20-foot containers are a great option for storage for retail businesses, mobile office spaces, or as a secure place to store equipment at construction sites.  


For storage applications, we recommend modifying the interior with our Atlas Shelving System which was designed and engineered by our founder, a professional engineer by trade.  


This adjustable system attaches easily to the tie-downs located along the top of each container. Suspended from the overhead tie-downs, this storage system does not require any drilling and doesn’t take up any of the valuable floor space that may be required by larger items. The system is also rated a 1000 lbs. per bracket.  


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40-Foot Shipping Containers  


40-foot containers are double the length of a standard 20-foot shipping container, making them great for storing large items like construction or landscaping equipment, or a larger space to store excess inventory for a retail business. You can even store vehicles inside! 


A 40-foot container offers more space than a 20-foot container, so make sure to consider your storage requirements before choosing a shipping container. 


We’re happy to talk through what you plan to securely store in your unit; give our friendly team a call today to chat about your cargo container needs.  



High Cube Shipping Containers  


If you don’t have much space to place your container but need a bit more storage space, a high cube container may be the answer. 



High cube containers offer an extra foot of height,  

allowing you to stack your goods higher, or  

fit taller items or machinery in your container.  



The high cube option is available for 20-foot and 40-foot containers, and can also be used to make specialized containers like mobile offices or refrigerated containers for hospitality applications.   


If you are interested in a high cube container, call our team to see what we currently have available as our inventory fluctuates weekly!  

Condition Matters Too  


In addition to the size of a shipping container, its condition is important to consider too.  


Generally, cargo containers are available in the following grades: 


  • One-trip: These containers have been used on a ship one time and are considered “like new” 
  • Cargo-worthy: Wind and water tight and have minimal scratches, dents, or rust 
  • A Grade: Wind and water tight and have minimal scratches, dents, or rust. Used in our rental fleet  
  • B Grade: Wind and watertight and may have small dents, scratches, and interior or exterior rust 
  • C Grade: Containers show obvious wear, with heavier dents and scratches but is still a solid container that is wind and watertight  


We currently do not have any one-trip containers in stock and have a few 20-foot containers on hand, so contact us for our current inventory and we will help you think outside the box!  


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Secure Portable Storage Containers 


All the containers that we rent, sell, or modify at A American Container have been inspected to ensure that they are safe and secure for our customer’s needs. Whether you need a 20-foot container for your retail space, or a 40-foot container to store heavy equipment, we have the perfect storage solution for you! We can also modify any size of container to meet your unique needs. 


Call our team at A American Container for our current inventory list or to get a quote today; 813-740-1911! 

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