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If shipping containers are secure, durable, and strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions to safely transport items across the wide-open oceanthey’re certainly safe enough to protect and store your valuables on land! And since these steel vessels become available to purchase or lease after they’re retired (or even made just one-trip) from international shipping lines, they can be repurposed for a variety of uses!  

That’s where A American Container comes in and offers a wide range of shipping containers available for purchase or lease. Keep reading to see why cargo-ready shipping containers are a safesecure, and affordable option to store valuables, use as temporary office space, or any other unique purpose!  


Cargo-Ready Shipping Container Construction 

All ISO (International Standards Organization) cargo-ready shipping containers are constructed of COR-TEN® – a type of weathering steel that resists corrosion and has become the standard for shipping containers, steel bridges, and buildings that are exposed to a marine environment.   

Standard features include: 

  • 20’ and 40’ standard lengths *Special sizes are available.  
  • Standard height 8’6”/ High Cube height 9’6”  
  • Constructed with 12-gauge corrugated steel sides and framing 
  • 1 1/8” thick marine-grade plywood floors 
  • Water-tight sealed cargo doors  


Interested in leasing or purchasing a cargo-ready shipping container? Call A American Container, your reliable source for secure, onsite storage, today at 813.740.1911 or get a quote online. 


Shipping Container Conditions 

Cargo-ready shipping containers are put to the test as they travel throughout international waters. Therefore, once they become available on the domestic market, they arrive in a variety of conditions – some having more dings and dents than others.  

Whether you’re looking for a portable storage container in near perfect condition or don’t mind a little “character”, you can find the right container that will best fit your needs and budget!  



Less than a year old, OneTrip containers are the newest containers available on the market.  

As the name implies, they make one trip from Asia before being sold or leased and come without any unattractive shipping line decals on the exterior. All One-Trip containers are guaranteed to be cargoworthy and wind and watertight.  


Cargo-Worthy (CW-Grade) 

Even though every storage container was used to carry cargo at some point, not every container is deemed “cargo-worthy”. To earn this classification, a container must be inspected and certified by a licensed surveyor who rates the condition of the doors, floor, walls, ceiling, and structural integrity.  

A container that has been deemed cargo-worthy meets the following criteria: 

  • Used but in good condition 
  • Structurally sound 
  • Wind and watertight 
  • Minor scratches in the interior 
  • Minor rust corrosion or dents on the exterior 

At A American’s Tampa Bay yard, CW-grade units are some of the most popular containers in our fleet. They are less expensive than one-trip containers, yet still provide a safe, secure storage solution.  


A, B, & C – Grades 

When your needs do not require a certified shipping container, A, B, and C-Grade containers are a great, budget-friendly option! While they rate lower on aesthetics than One-Trip and CW-Grade, they are in excellent structural condition and a perfect storage solution.  

Learn more about the different types of shipping containers at A American Container! 


Reliable Source for Onsite Storage  

For fun or for business, a shipping container can handle it all. Our steel units are used by schools, fire departments, hobbyists, construction job sites, and retail stores – just to name a few ways we can help. No matter how you need to use this temporary space; our wide range of cargo containers are ready to get the job done.  

At A American Container, we understand that when it comes to protecting your valuables and business assets, you need the confidence to know they are safe and sound. That’s where we can help with our reliable, and affordable, onsite storage solutions!  

We service more than just the Tampa area, including all of the Bay area (Clearwater, Brandon, St. Pete) into SWFL (Ft. Myers, Naples, and Sarasota), Orlando/Lakeland, and beyond.  To learn more about our cargo-ready shipping containers or to request a free, no-hassle quote, please call our experienced customer service team at 813.740.1911! 


Please be aware that the container industry is on high alert for scammers! A American Container will NEVER ask for a deposit to purchase a container, we do not accept online or app payments such as Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp. We do not list our containers on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any similar site. We do not have online chat agents. Please make sure to call us at 813-740-1911 for assistance or come by and visit us at 7001 East Adamo Drive, Tampa FL! Contact Us
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