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No longer are shipping containers just for shipping! If you are conducting business at temporary job site, you know that the machines and construction work may make too much noise for project managers or other workers to focus on other operational aspects of the job like paperwork and email follow-up. A ground-level office is a great alternative to a trailer to give your team a quiet place to handle the work they need to do.   

More and more organizations are thinking outside of the box and creating ground-level offices (GLOs) out of shipping containersAt A American Container, our strong, durable modular units will be delivered to your property by our team of experts so you can get right back to work.  


What is a Ground Level Office? 

A GLO is a shipping container that has been turned into a portable office space – ideal for businesses in need of compact, sturdy officewho work temporarily at different locationsUnlike office trailers that need OSHA-approved stairs and a chassis, shipping container GLOs sit directly on the ground.  

Some of the benefits of GLOs include:  


  • Durability: At A American Container, our containers are constructed of 12gauge steel and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high wind, rain, fire, and hurricanes.
  • Security: All storage container rentals come equipped with the A American secure locking system, making our containers virtually vandalism proof! 
  • Portability: GLOs can be easily moved from one location to another without being damaged, saving businesses money and headaches. Another big costsaver? Remember, GLOs do not require stairs, in most locations, there aren’t as many regulations and approvals to contend with. All you really need is a flat, dry, and level surface. 


Does your business need ground-level offices for your temporary workspace? Call A American Container in Tampa, FL today at 813.740.1911 


Who Can Use a Ground Level Office?  

Many industries need temporary office space. Our shipping container company typically works with businesses such as:  

  • Construction Companies 
  • Residential Home Developers & Communities 
  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Trades companies like landscapers and HVAC experts 
  • School Districts 


If you need a place where your project management team can get some work done on a job site or other busy locations, a ground-level office may be the best option. Contact us today to learn more about our quality shipping container rentals.  


Customized GLOs & Special Modifications 

Your business is unique, and your GLOs can be too! At A American Container, we can customize your ground level office (GLO) to fit your property plan and/or budget! Also, we offer a long list of modifications such as additional roll-up doors, overhead lighting, windows, built-in electrical outletsAC, and more! Even our delivery and pickups can be set up based on your specific business needs! 


Standard Offerings Include: 

We custom modify our shipping containers to meet the specific business needs, every rental mobile office storage container provided by A American Container comes standard with the following:


  • Heavy 12-gauge all-steel construction 
  • Solid steel, cargo door 
  • Clean, light grey paint color 
  • 1 1/8” thick marine grade plywood 
  • Man door 
  • 2 to 4 Quality windows and frames that last 
  • Lights and Electrical 
  • A/C 
  • Desk 


A American Container Modifications: 

To suit your needs, you can modify your unit(s) to create the ground-level office that is best suited for your team. These modifications include:  


  • Custom paint colors available (additional fees apply) 
  • Roof coat (the white helps keep the container cooler in the Florida sun) 
  • Adjustable shelving units for storage and organization 
  • Steel security bars are available for windows 
  • Additional steel commercial doors and additional rollup doors 
  • Full scope of electrical services – an electrician is required to hook up the 220volt/100amp to our electric box 
  • HVAC system & venting 
  • Fully lined interior finish including other durable flooring options 
  • Additional locking features for added security 


Learn more about the custom modifications for GLOs offered only at A American Container! Call our team and we’ll talk through your business needs and give you a no-hassle quote for your new portable, temporary office space. 


Ground Level Offices (GLOs) at A American Container 

Affordable, tough, secure, and portable…this is everything you get from a ground level office provided by A American Container! Ready to lease or purchase a portable storage container office? Our knowledgeable and experienced customer service team is committed to helping you find the storage container solution that will best fit your business needs. Call A American today at 813.740.1911 or request a quote online! 


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