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Shipping container offices are becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and residential use. These innovative structures provide quick, cost-effective solutions for businesses that need to set up shop quickly and without the expense of costly construction.  


Companies on the go can take advantage of these portable ground-level offices by converting them into fully functional workspace environments.  


To ensure you get the most from your job site office, here are a few features every shipping container office should have! 

#1. HVAC and Plumbing Solutions 


Shipping containers can get quite hot inside without proper ventilation or HVAC solutions. Utilizing HVAC solutions in shipping containers can make these structures both more comfortable and energy-efficient.  


HVAC systems that are designed for container offices use air conditioners and/or heat pumps to regulate the temperature within the container. These systems help maintain an ideal environment inside the space while preventing energy waste from heating and cooling excess areas of the structure.  


These systems also reduce humidity levels within the space so that employees can work in optimal conditions with minimal discomfort due to extreme temperatures or excessive moisture. 


Additionally, a plumbing system that allows for a single toilet and a sink is generally enough for a ground-level office (GLO), especially if the office will only be occupied by a few people at a time.  


#2. Install Large Windows  


As with any office space, proper lighting is important in a ground-level office. We recommend adding large windows to the walls of your container, which should allow enough natural light in during the day.  


Natural light also brightens up an office space, making it look more spacious and in turn boosting employee morale.   

#3. Increase Storage Space 


Storage can be a bit lacking in a shipping container, which can be a problem if you need to store documents or other items onsite.  


Consider installing several shelves or overhead cabinets to maximize the available floor space instead of using space-wasting storage solutions like filing cabinets.  


At A American Container, our proprietary Atlas Shelving System is the perfect option. It is an adjustable shelving system that easily attaches to tie-downs that are located along the top of each unit. Since the shelves are suspended from the overhead tie-downs, the system does not require drilling or use valuable floor space. Rated at 1000 lbs. per bracket!  


#4. Electrical Outlets & USB Ports  


When setting up the electrical system in your ground-level office, we recommend getting electrical outlets that are equipped with USB ports.  


Not only does this free up your outlets for other devices, but it cuts out the need for any adapters to charge your phone, work tablets, or other devices.  


At A American Container, our electrical modifications include: 


  • Outlets that are used in commercial and residential buildings. They are either 110v or 220v depending on the amount of electricity needed. 
  • Interior overhead lighting. We install LED lights that are not only energy efficient but also give off better lighting than traditional fluorescent lights that are often found in office spaces. 
  • A porch light to illuminate the area around the door(s) for better safety and security. 


#5. Incorporate Window Treatments 


If you install large windows in your office as we suggested above, there are times throughout the day when the sun may become too bright. This is where installing blinds or shades can be beneficial!  


Those who want to stay at their desk may want to invest in motorized treatments that raise or lower the blinds and shades with a simple remote. While this might be a great option, we still recommend standing up and stretching your legs from time to time! 


#6. Refrigeration Options   


Many traditional offices have a break room to store drinks, snacks, lunch, etc. So it may be a great idea to include a small refrigerator or kitchen area in your ground-level office.  

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Ground Level Shipping Containers  


If you want to design a ground-level office for your job site, our experts at A American Container offer unique modifications for offices, retail applications, storage, and more!  


Reach out to our friendly Tampa, Florida-based team for a shipping container conversion quote today at 813-740-1911.  

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