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If you are working on a job site, you need a home base to manage your project’s office logistics and operations. While you may have the option to work within your company’s office, that arrangement may not make sense, as you often need to be in direct contact with your crew without distractions  


This is where a shipping container job site office comes in. Modified steel shipping containers are the ideal solution for job site offices as they are mobile, sturdy, and secure. Plus, they are environmentally friendly!  


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Benefits of Shipping Container Offices  


Steel shipping containers make perfect mobile job site offices for several reasons! 


  • They are fully customizable 
  • They are mobile  
  • They have a decades-long lifespan 
  • They can be fully modified & painted any color to fit your brand colors  
  • They can be delivered directly to your job site  
  • They enhance the visitor and employee experience and fit any budget  


Shipping containers retain their value and  

have a lifespan of over 10 years.  


If you are in the construction industry, a shipping container office can be a valuable long-term investment. You can modify a container and reuse it for multiple jobs wherever that may be. You could even set a shipping container office up as a permanent office if you are working on a long-term project.   

Customization Options  


Unlike traditional steel or modular buildings, shipping containers can be customized down to every inch.  


You can add: 



Further, the study CORTEN steel frame of shipping containers allows them to be stacked on top of each other to assemble multi-story buildings.  


This level of customization at an affordable price makes shipping container offices far superior to their permanent or modular counterparts.  


Our experienced modification team at A American Container can make all the modifications needed to create the ideal mobile job site office to fit your project’s needs. Contact us today at 813-740-1911! 


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A Greener Alternative  


As a greener alternative to new construction, a shipping container job site office can save your business a lot of money while reducing your carbon footprint.   


Plus, instead of spending months going through the process of permitting and building a permanent office space, a shipping container office can be ready in as little as a few days. 


To make your shipping container job site office “greener” consider: 


  • Using water-saving plumbing fixtures and low-flow toilets if you are installing a bathroom, kitchen, or shower. (Yes, we can install those too!)  
  • Install solar panels on the office’s rooftop 
  • Install several windows so you don’t have to use electricity while the sun is shining 
  • Customize your ventilation and insulations to help reduce energy bills for heating and cooling  


Depending on your unique needs, consider turning your container  

office into a smart building.  


With a “smart” mobile office you could manage energy levels, control the lighting, install security systems, and more. Plus, with a safe and watertight office, you can have peace of mind that your office space is secure from thieves and vandals.  


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  • Built from sturdy CORTEN steel, shipping containers have a long lifespan 
  • Shipping containers can be fully modified to meet any job site’s needs  
  • Shipping container offices are “greener” than their permanent counterparts 
  • There are infinite ways to modify a shipping container 

Smart Job Site Office Solutions  


Due to their versatility, durability, and mobility, shipping container job site offices are the ideal solution for construction job sites. There are infinite ways to modify shipping containers, and our team at A American Container is ready to build a mobile office just for you!  


Ready to get started? Call our Tampa-FL-based customer service team for a quote today at 813-740-1911!   

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