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A padlock is cut off, a high-value tool is missing, or you notice a pile of materials that were left out over the weekend is nowhere to be found.  As the construction crew and project managers arrive to work on Monday morning, the last thing you want them to find is missing equipment, materials, and machinery.  


If this has happened to your jobsite, you are not alone. There are several ways to combat jobsite theft, but it is also important to know why it occurs in the first place, so you can be more diligent about protecting your property from the beginning.  


“Jobsite theft is an increasingly alarming problem that costs the construction industry over $1 billion a year.” 

 National Association of Home Builders and the National Equipment Register 


Job site Theft Prevalence 


There are a variety of reasons why jobsite theft is prevalent among thieves. Not only is it an extremely profitable opportunity for criminals due to the high-value items available on construction jobsites, but many times it is a crime of opportunity... 


Lack of Security 


Let’s be honest, you can’t completely stop theft in its tracks, but you can take precautions to help secure your valuable property.  


When the construction crews leave for the evenings or the weekend, the jobsite is left unattended. Most of the time the jobsite is empty during the nighttime hours. Without proper lighting or security cameras to help deter would-be criminals, it is an opportunistic time for jobsite theft. 



The majority of jobsite thefts happen when the site is empty like on nights and weekends. Lights, cameras, and LOCKS can help to secure your container.  



Equipment Not Protected Properly 


Construction materials, equipment, and machinery are most oftentimes large, heavy, and cumbersomeConstruction crews may opt to leave tools or equipment out instead of locking them away in a secure location to make their end-of-the-day cleanup easier.  


Or if they choose to do anything for protection, many workers may resort to simple padlocks that can be easily removed with a pair of bolt cutters. 


A American Container is your reliable source for secure, onsite storage in Tampa Bay. Store with more confidenceWhile we can’t completely shut down theft, our secure locking system combined with other security measures can help to protect your property. Contact us today for a storage container quote 

Universal Keys 


One of the biggest flaws in job site theft is a byproduct of the construction industry. Universal keys are made to make operating machinery simpler. Universal keys allow workers to easily move from one machine to the next without having to switch keys.  


Now imagine how easy it is for job site theft to occur; if this key or duplicate gets in the wrong hands, they will have access to all of your equipment 

Preventing Theft  


Placing security cameras at a temporary jobsite or hiring around-the-clock security for your jobsite is not always feasible or a financially sound option. So, what are some other solutions your company can employ to deter and prevent theft? 


Storage containers.  


Cargo shipping containers are rising in popularity because they are multifunctional and can be repurposed into about anything. They are built of 12-gauge steel walls with reinforced entry points and thick marine grade wood floors. When you add A American Container’s secure locking system the containers are even more of a deterrent to vandals. 


Secure Your Belongings in Storage Containers  


Using storage containers to store your business’s valuable property is a good, secure solution. When the time comes to choose what kind of storage container suits your site, it is important to know that one size does not fit all. 


We understand if the container is too inconvenient to use or too hard to access, then it will not be used, which negates the purpose of having one as well as the security and safety it provides.  


At A American Containers, we will guide you through the entire process of buying, renting, or even modifying a container and ensuring your unique job site needs are met. 


Enhance Your Jobsite Security with A American Containers  


Be proactive! Do not wait until you have experienced job site theft to start thinking about safety. 


A American Containers makesecure storage easy and hassle-free. We will work with your business to customize your container to make sure it is as secure as possible.  


Learn more about how our Tampa Bay cargo container company can help reduce jobsite theft, contact us today at 813-740-1911 or get an online quote 


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