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One of the most exciting ways to use our 20’ and 40’ shipping containers is to modify them into mobile offices for businesses across Tampa Bay and beyond. And one of the most important parts of this modification is of course—electricity!  


If you want to add electricity to your shipping container to light up your space, run your business, or power your tools, our team at A American can help you Think Outside the Box ® to get it done.  


Modification Considerations  


When you are looking to modify a shipping container into an office, it is important to consider what your electricity needs are. Of course, you will likely need lighting and an HVAC system, but what about convenient plug-ins for computers and phones or power tools?  


Get all the electrical solutions you need for your shipping container from A American Container! Call us today for a quote; 813-740-1911!  


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Top Electricity Modifications for Mobile Offices  


A mobile office should be just as functional as a brick-and-mortar office, and our team at A American can modify your 40’ or one-trip shipping container into a functional space that you and your team can get down to business in!  


Here are the top electrical modifications that we install in shipping container offices: 




Even if you were just using your container for storage, you’d still want to light it up to see everything you have stored. For a mobile office, you’ll want lighting that is designed for occupancy. After all, no one wants to work in the dark or under harsh fluorescent lighting.  


Our overhead lighting packages at A American Container include 4-foot energy-efficient LED lighting and completely custom layouts. No harsh lighting here!  


We also offer the option to add motion sensor floodlights and a porch light to illuminate the area around the doors of your mobile shipping container office for enhanced safety and security.  




You can’t run most businesses without outlets to plug in electronics. These are basic components when we begin an electrical modification on a shipping container. Mobile offices need to plug in computers, workshops need to plug in power tools, and let’s not forget about a place to plug in the coffee pot—image trying to get through a busy workday without coffee!  


At A American Container, our outlets are the same types that are used in commercial and residential buildings and are either 110v or 220v depending on your needs. The outlet locations can be placed anywhere that you need them, so make sure to consider where desks, computers, printers, and equipment are going to go.  





It’s not just to run appliances, tools, and devices wiring your unit with electrical also allows for installing a heating and cooling (HVAC) system. Most mobile offices require an HVAC system to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the seasons here in Florida.  


We offer the following HVAC modifications to compliment your electrical add-ons. Note: these mods may vary depending on your shipping container’s size and temperature requirements: 


  • Through-Wall AC 
  • Mini-Split AC 
  • Commercial Wall HVAC  


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No mobile office would be complete without access to the internet. A power supply will get you connected so your team can work more efficiently. 



A American Container Electrical Packages  


To make modifying your shipping container easier, we offer ready-made electrical packages for your convenience that can be adjusted to meet your needs.  


20′ Container 

  • (1) 100-amp main breaker 
  • (3) 4’ led overhead lights 
  • (4) 110v – 20-amp double outlets with covers 
  • (1) 220v – 20-amp outlet with cover for a/c (if needed, if not this will be an additional 110v – 20-amp double outlet with a cover) 
  • (1) 110v – 20-amp light switch 


40′ Container 

  • (1) 100-amp main breaker 
  • (5) 4’ led overhead lights 
  • (6) 110v – 20-amp double outlets with covers 
  • (1) 220v – 20-amp outlet with cover for a/c (if needed, if not this will be an additional 110v – 20-amp double outlet with a cover) 
  • (1) 110v – 20-amp light switch 


Electrify Your Workspace with A American  

Whether you are using your shipping container as a mobile office to run your landscaping business, construction site, retail business, or your favorite hobby, our team is ready to make the modifications to make it a safe, comfortable, and functional space for you to get work done!  


Ready to electrify your shipping container? Let’s get to work! Call A American Container today for a FREE quote: 813-740-1911! 

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