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When using a shipping container as a mobile office or workspace, it is important to install an HVAC system—especially in Florida! At A American Container, we offer many modifications to make your shipping container as comfortable as possible throughout any season.  


Stay cool! Here are some solutions to consider when adding heating, cooling, or ventilation to the shipping container you purchased.  

Air Conditioning for Shipping Container Offices and Storage Spaces  


At A American Container, we will help you stay cool and comfortable in your shipping container office or hobby space with our HVAC modifications. Plus, all our HVAC options offer heating and cooling options for whatever the Florida weather throws at you.  


These mods include: 


Through Wall AC 


Through-wall AC systems are the most common type of AC system that we install at A American Container. When using a through-wall AC, you have peace of mind knowing that it can be replaced if needed with little to no hassle, unlike window AC systems. 


Through-wall systems are: 


  • The most common AC that we install 
  • Used to heat and cool  
  • 8K BTU, 10K BTU, 12K BTU, and 14K BTU units are available  
  • Full finished during interior build-out (optional) 
  • Wind and watertight 


Mini Split AC 


Mini-split AC systems are the most efficient AC systems on the market with 21+ SEER efficiency ratings. They are the more costly option, but their efficiency makes them an excellent option for your shipping container office or storage space.  


Commercial Wall HVAC  


Our commercial wall HVAC units are available in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons depending on your heating and cooling needs. 


We recommend these larger commercial units if you are using your shipping container to protect industrial equipment that must stay in a set temperature range or emits heat.  


Beat the heat with HVAC modifications, ventilation, and insulation solutions for your shipping container from A American Container! Call us today for a quote; 813-740-1911! 



Since You’re Here> How Hot Do Shipping Containers Get in the Florida Heat?  


Heating Solutions  


Though it doesn’t often get below freezing here in Florida, our containers are used across the east coast and we all will deal with cooler temperatures at some point.  


If you plan to put your shipping container in a climate with severe winters or below-freezing temperatures, you may want to consider adding more to your heating arsenal. Baseboard heaters can be used in conjunction with your HVAC system.  

Ventilation Solutions  


You can determine if your shipping container needs ventilation based on your intended use of the container. Small vents that are built into shipping containers help equalize the inside air pressure when they are traveling overseas, but they don’t offer enough airflow to help prevent mold or rust from growing if the container is being used for long-term storage; especially in more humid climates like what we have in Tampa Bay.  


Passive vents such as our proprietary lateral venting system or traditional square vents installed in the shipping container walls can promote basic airflow throughout the container. Just keep in mind that since we live in a tropical climate, vents alone may not be adequate to prevent mold and rust and you will likely need an HVAC system to keep your goods safe and prevent mold.  


Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Modifications  


We want you to have a unit that is customized to your unique needs. Should you want to modify your shipping container or have questions about climate control, call A American Container! We offer many modification options that will keep you comfortable, whatever you use your shipping container for.  


How can we help you think outside the box ®? Let’s collaborate to design the perfect shipping container solution for your business! Fill out of quote form or contact our customer service team today; 813-740-1911! 

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