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With the heat our area is known for, one common question we get asked is, “Do shipping containers get hot inside?”  


This is a great question, especially since it’s not just the heat, its the humidity we experience in Florida too. However, it’s not the easiest question to answerOf course, the sun heating up a steel cargo container results in a fair amount of heat being built up, especially if your unit is kept out in direct sunlight for an extended length of time. But the temperature inside a shipping container varies depending on the structure and any modifications that have been made.  

Radiant heat from the sun has a major factor in how hot a container gets. We’ve seen the walls and roofs get up to 144 degrees in direct sun during the summer! Being in full shade will drop it about 20 – 30 degrees. Installing insulation will drop it even further to be just a few degrees above ambient temperature, even in direct sun lightLight colored roof coat will only help a little in dropping the temperature. 

Some people notice a temperature difference as soon as they open the doors, but depending on what you need to store your items inside should remain safe regardless of the heat.  


What Can Affect the Temperature in a Shipping Container 

everal factors can affect the interior temperature of a steel shipping container, which include:  

  • Standard vs. insulated walls (Containers with insulated walls can be up to 40 – 50 degrees cooler inside.) You can maintain comfortable temperature in an insulated container as long as the A/C is large enough. If there is no insulation present, there is no way for an A/C to keep up with the radiant heat from the walls and ceiling. 
  • Light-reflecting roofs that help maintain a lower temperature inside 
  • Modifications such as HVAC units, windows, and vents  
  • Dehumidifier will help keep the humidity down which can also make it feel like it’s cooler. An A/C’s main job in the South East is to take the humidity out of the air; the 2nd is cooling. 


Keep Your Shipping Container Cool 

If the interior temperature of your shipping container is a priority, follow the tips below to keep the inside cool
er to protect your belongings 


Avoid direct sun exposure.  

If possible, avoid direct exposure to the sun by placing your container in a shaded area.   

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Build a roof.   

You may also want to choose a shaded area to store your container. Some people will even build a roof over the unit with a light reflection to help keep the container cool.  


Use paint.  

Painting the roof of the container with paint will help regulate the interior temperature. We can paint the top to help reflect the sun. This trick works even better if the container is placed in a shaded area.  Remember: a lighter colored roof coat only helps a little in dropping the temperature inside the container.  


Create insulation.  

Using standard insulators or spray foam, insulate the sides and roof of your shipping container. We offer closed cell spray foam and fiberglass insulation.  

Closed cell spray foam is the most cost-effective way to insulate your cargo container. It also offers the highest insulation value, roughly R-6 per inch.  

Our fiberglass insulation with interior finish option is built to current Florida building code requirements, then is finished by installing the wall paneling of your choice. 


Add HVAC climate control.  

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to shipping containers. At A American Container, we have several HVAC modifications available for your shipping container, depending on its size and temperature requirements. These include Through-Wall AC units, Mini-Split ACs units, and Commercial Wall units.  

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Maintain proper ventilation.  

While most people want ventilation for humidity reasons, having proper ventilation can maintain a lower temperature inside your shipping container. The vents do help but not nearly as much as you would think, and only work if there is wind. 

There are two types of vents available at A American Container – lateral vents (the most efficient, non-powered ventilation offered, available in 20’ sections) and square vents (traditional 12”x12” vents). 


Depending on what you plan on using your shipping container for, the inside temperature is important. Talk to our team about the modifications you can make to answer the question of “how hot do shipping containers get inside?” We’ll help you find the best type of steel container for your storage needs! 


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