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Container Accessories

Everything Else You Need For The Perfect Storage Solution

Why Container Accessories?

At A American Container we are serious about providing “on-demand” storage to meet your needs. That means providing a wide range of shipping container accessories to help you get the most from your container investment. From paint, to security, to shelving, we are ready to make sure your portable storage solution is just the way you want it.


Adding paint is an excellent way to improve the look and life of your container. We use environmentally friendly paint that will last for years to come. When it comes to paint not only is the quality of paint important, but also preparing the surface of the container.

At A American Container we use a 4-step painting process:

  • Each surface is pressure washed to remove both grime and rust.
  • Any rust areas are spot primed with a rust inhibitor.  
  • A marine grade primer is applied to make sure the outer coat adheres to the container.
  • A marine grade outer coat paint is applied with the color of your choice.


  • Standard color is light grey
  • Custom colors available (additional fees apply)


Putting a roof coat on your container will help extend the life of the roof. A American Container uses a white elastomeric roof coating that is thick and lasts several years. White roof coating also helps keep the interior of the container cooler by reflecting the sun’s rays.

  • Helps protect the metal roof from harsh Florida weather
  • Helps keep the container cooler from the sun’s rays
  • Greatly improves the life of the container’s roof

Locking Systems

DRP Locking System

Our external lock box system is based on several years of researching theft through traditional commercially available lock box systems and prefabricated containers. Our revolutionary system is designed to resist a thief’s attempt to sledge, pry, or cable the security system.

  • Proprietary locking system only available at A American Container
  • Solid steel construction
  • Welded directly to the container
  • Needs “hockey puck” style lock. Example: American 2000 or Master Lock 6270
  • No way for bolt cutters to be used
  • Sledge hammer can’t get a solid hit on lock


The heavy-duty cargo door lock secures both doors by locking the innermost vertical locking bars together. This lock is an excellent choice for customers who already own their container or didn’t have an opportunity to have a DRP locking system installed.

  • Recommended for construction site storage and over the road trucks
  • Adjustable to fit the doors vertical bars from 9 ¾”-16” apart
  • An extension is available for the heavy-duty cargo door lock for odd size container bars 17″-23” apart
  • Easy to install, no mounting required
  • Built with 2” and 2 ½” square tube steel with 3/16” thick walls
  • End plates are 3/16” plate steel 6” tall
  • Powder coat finish
  • Available with either the high security barrel style keyed lock (comes with 2 keys) or with a built-in changeable combination padlock



This heavy-duty lock is used in conjunction with our DRP Locking System. They are made of high grade hardened steel and the shackle’s hidden design provides protection against sawing, cutting, and prying.

  • Excellent lock for superior security
  • Professional grade solid steel lock, not a cast steel product that can be compromised with a screwdriver and hammer
  • 6-pin solid brass cylinder
  • Comes with 3 keys


The Block Lock, also known as a Warehouse Lock, has a stainless-steel armor plate on a solid brass body for additional protection against the harshest weather and corrosive environments. This is a rectangular shaped lock. This special design of the key entry and the shackle drop down on the same end is a perfect fit in the narrow lock boxes on container doors, warehouse doors, and connecting chains.

  • 5 Pin precision brass tumbler cylinder
  • Hardened shackle for extra cutting protection
  • Ball bearing locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel armor plate on solid brass protects against rust and corrosion
  • Sold in pairs and comes with 3 keys


Atlas Shelving System

The Atlas shelving system was designed and engineered by A American Container’s founder, a Professional Engineer by trade. Our adjustable shelving system quickly attaches to the tie downs located along the top of each unit. Suspended from the overhead tie downs, this system does not require drilling and does not use valuable floor space required by larger items. Rated at 1000 lbs. per bracket.

  • 3 different shelving depths available: 16”, 20”, and 24”
  • Atlas system includes 6 brackets for 3 shelves
  • Great for long term storage needs


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