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With the heat and humidity here in Tampa Bay, you might be wondering if your shipping container storage space needs ventilation. We wholeheartedly say YES!  


Since many companies use repurposed shipping containers as a place to store temperature-sensitive goods or equipment, ventilation, and other temperature control measures are quite important modifications. Our team at A American Container explains why.  

The Importance of Shipping Container Ventilation  


If you plan to store non-temperature sensitive equipment or items, the existing vents that all shipping containers have may work fine, but keep in mind that these small vents only allow for minimal airflow.  


Items that you might be able to store in this way include: 



If you want to better protect your stored items, you will likely want to consider upgraded ventilation and climate control for your shipping container. This is especially important here in humid Tampa Bay, where moisture and humidity can wreak havoc on machinery and equipment if not properly ventilated.   


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Types of Ventilation 


If your shipping container needs better airflow, consider installing more effective vents than those that come standard from the manufacturer.  


Larger specialized vents can be added to your shipping  

container at the top or bottom of the unit for better airflow.  


If you are concerned about moisture and humidity, active ventilation, which provides air circulation with mechanical fans can be a great solution. Passive air vents, on the other hand, rely on natural air currents for airflow.  


At A American Container, we offer: 


  • Lateral vents 
  • Square vents 

A American Container's lateral vent

Lateral Vents 


These proprietary vents are the most secure type of vent solution that we offer. Because of their size and location, they are our most efficient non-powered ventilation solution. Vents come in low-profile 20’ sections that are broken up into any length. Most of our customers break them up into two 10’ sections on either side of their containers.  

A American Container's square vent

Square Vents  


Square vents are traditional-style vents that come in 12” x 12”, but custom sizes are available. These vents can be installed anywhere on the container.  



Modifications like insulation, windows, ventilation, and HVAC, can be the perfect addition to your shipping container storage space. Call our storage pros at A American Container today for a modification and design consultation – 813.740.1911!  

A American Container's Closed Cell Spray Foam



If you want to keep stored items in a more stable space, consider adding insulation to your container. Insulation protects stored contents against both hot and cold temperature fluctuations and keeps the interior at a more stable temperature.  



Insulation options that work well for storage spaces include 

 fiberglass insulation or closed-cell spray foam. 



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Climate Control 


Finally, if you want to store your inventory or equipment at a set temperature, consider adding an HVAC system. At A American Container, we offer: 


  • Through wall AC units 
  • Mini-Split HVAC systems 
  • Commercial Wall HVAC systems  


These systems will give you varying levels of temperature control, depending on the sensitivity of your stored items. When you have an HVAC system installed, you can have peace of mind that no matter what the weather has in store, your items will remain at an ideal temperature.  


Ventilation Increases Resale Value  


Taking the time to make your shipping container comfortable and safe from the elements will pay you back in the long run as a business owner. Though ventilation modifications make the shipping container suit your current needs, they are likely also ideal for another business should you decide to sell your container.  

Protecting Your Container Investment  


Ventilation is an important aspect of keeping your equipment or inventory safe and sound from fluctuations in temperature and humidity.  


If you are ready to design the perfect storage space for your business complete with ventilation or other climate control solutions, choose A American Container in Tampa, FL. Get started with a quote online or call our friendly team today; 813-740-1911.   



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