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Constructed of 12-gauge steel wall and 1 1/8” thick marine-grade wood floorsA American Container’s are built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as high wind, rain, fire, and hurricanes – keeping your valuables dry and secure inside. Add our secure locking system, customdesigned by Dale Payne, co-founder, and engineer, and they become virtually vandalism and theftproof!  While we can’t guarantee a theft won’t happen, our unique security system is the 2nd level of protection for your items and is the best we can do without adding an armed guard. 

While we are fully confident in the strength and durability of our containers, it never hurts to add another layer of securityOur local modular container experts can explain ways to keep your storage container and the property inside them secured 


Protect Your Property in addition to adding a secure container. 

It is a good idea to thoroughly inspect the area where the container will be stored and note any vulnerabilities, i.e., how vandals can get in and damage the containers without being seen. Once the inspection is complete, implement the following:  


  • Secure the area with perimeter fencing, i.e., chain-link fence with gate access control or a metal mesh fence with a row of razors at the top. 
  • Repair any breaches that could make the perimeter fencing vulnerable.  
  • Install lighting everywhere possible, including motion-sensor lights. 


At A American Container, we perform inspections of every container we rent and sell, guaranteeing our customers a consistent standard of excellence from our products. To learn more about our steel storage containers or to obtain a quote, please contact us at 813.740.1911 


Post Warning Signs. 

Let potential vandals know you have taken all necessary security measures and will prosecute all criminals who trespass or attempt vandalism and/or theft. Post signs all over the property such as “Private Property,” “No Trespassing,” and “Security Cameras in Use” – all of which are common warning signs and could fend off potential vandals or burglars.  

Some companies like to hire the Police as additional security detail, but our proprietary locking system combined with these signs can protect your belonging without needing to hire the Police to watch your containers.  

You can trust A American Container to provide a secure storage solution that fits your needs. Call our service team to see how we can help you select a secure modular office or storage for onsite from Downtown to rural locations. 


Lock Up the Container.  

At A American Containers, all containers are able to be accessorized with security equipment with your choice of a secure, vandalism-proof locking system which includes the following:  


  • Proprietary DRP Locking System: Our external lockbox system is based on years of researching theft. This revolutionary system is designed to resist a thief’s attempts to sledge, pry, or cable usual security measures. There’s no way for bolt cutters to be used either. It’s made of solid steel and welded directly to your shipping container. It does still require a “hockey puck” style lock.  
  • Heavy-duty Cargo Door Lock: This secures both doors on the modular container by locking the innermost vertical locking bars together. This lock works well for customers like construction companies and over-the-road trucks who own their own container or didn’t have an opportunity to have our DRP locking system installed. 
  • Lockboxes/ HeavyDuty Padlocks: These are steel boxes that cannot be tampered with and make it virtually impossible to break into. They are used to keep heavyduty padlocks out of view, keeping them inaccessible to lock cutters.  
  • Hidden Shackle “Hockey Puck” Locks: This type of heavy-duty lock can be used in conjunction with our DRP Locking System. Customers like that these locks are constructed of highgradehardened steel. In this lock, the shackle’s hidden design is what provides security against sawing, cutting, and prying by would-be thieves. 


If you choose to go with padlocks instead of more secure options, the experts at A American Containers highly recommended changing padlocks on the perimeter fencing and the storage containers themselves. Do so periodically throughout the duration of your storage container rental.  


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Set Up an Alarm System

A good old-fashioned alarm system is another great way to add an extra layer of protection to secure your storage container. Because of a landline or electrical connection, traditional alarm systems can be used if your container is being stored near a building or a phone line.  

If that is not the case, another option is a GSM container alarm that provides 24-hour remote monitoring and wireless installation capabilities through a mobile phone network. 


The A American Container Difference 

At American Container, we realize there is no one-size-fits-all storage solution which is why we offer a wide variety of storage containers to rent or purchase. More importantly, we understand that when it comes to valuable business assets, you need to be assured that they are protected.  

Our experienced customer service team is knowledgeable about our products and are committed to ensuring that all of your needs are met and expectations are exceeded. To learn more about our steel storage containers or to get a quote on a rental, please call us today at 813.740.1911.


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