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Shipping containers have become a crucial tool in disaster recovery efforts around the globe. These sturdy metal units, originally used for transporting cargo across oceans, are now being repurposed as emergency shelters, medical clinics, and even schools in the wake of natural disasters. 


Last year’s Hurricane Ian left devastation in its path and now Florida is bracing for another hurricane season. With the potential for widespread damage and displacement, many organizations are turning to shipping containers as a cost-effective and efficient way to provide aid and shelter to those affected by natural disasters.  


Our team at A American Container explores how shipping containers are being used for disaster recovery efforts, particularly during hurricane season. 

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The Surprising Role Shipping Containers Play in Disaster Recovery 


When most people think of shipping containers, they picture massive metal boxes being loaded onto cargo ships and transported across oceans. However, these seemingly mundane objects have become unconventional heroes in the world of disaster recovery.  


In the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters, shipping containers can be rented or purchased as a versatile storage solution for affected communities. 


Let’s dive into what makes steel containers so useful during a disaster like a hurricane.  


#1. Durability  


These units are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling during transit across the ocean. This makes them an ideal choice for use in areas that have been hit by hurricanes or other catastrophic events. 


Generally, shipping containers can withstand winds up to 130-150 miles per hour making them ideal for areas with hurricanes and severe inclement weather.  


With their robust construction of COR-TEN steel, these containers offer excellent protection against theft or damage by vandals. Additionally, they can be fitted with locking mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access such as our patented DRP locking system. 


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#2. Versatility  


Steel cargo containers come in a range of sizes and configurations, allowing them to be customized to suit the needs of different disaster recovery operations. 


With a little bit of creativity, these metal units can serve as makeshift hospitals, emergency shelters, or police command centers until more permanent facilities can be constructed. 



#3. Storage Capabilities  


Communities can store vital items such as food, water, medical supplies, clothing, bedding, and other essential equipment needed during disaster recovery in steel containers.  


They are also ideal for being used as temporary storage while a community is undergoing reconstruction. Many homeowners need a place to store their belongings while their homes are being rebuilt or remediated.  



#4. Useful for Short Term Housing  


In the aftermath of a crisis, as we saw after Hurricane Ian last year, many residents will need short-term housing if their homes were flooded or destroyed. While community buildings, churches, and other buildings can be a safe haven for those in need during a disaster, another option is a shipping container.  


Steel cargo containers are the perfect base to be converted into short-term housing solutions and can be modified to include plumbing, kitchen spaces, windows, and more. The best part is that they can be easily transported to a new location if needed in just a matter of days.  


#5. Mobile First Aid Uses 


When it comes to natural disasters, safe and clean health facilities are of the utmost importance. Containers can be converted into mobile first aid stations throughout the affected area to help treat emergency injuries in the aftermath of a crisis.   


Due to their mobility, they can be set up in the most convenient location to administer healthcare services to those in need, which can be especially important if local hospitals were damaged or are full.  


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A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage  


Shipping containers have proven to be a reliable solution for hurricane disaster recovery. From container rentals to modifications, our team at A American Container is committed to helping communities move forward in the aftermath of natural disasters.  


Whether it’s providing temporary housing or storage space for supplies and equipment, these versatile structures are essential in rebuilding efforts. We encourage communities to consider utilizing shipping containers in their disaster relief plans as they provide a safe and effective way to get back on track after a devastating event. 


Ready to get started? Contact our team for a rental or modification quote BEFORE a forecasted storm. We are here to help! 


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