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Whether you are running a construction or retail business, on-site storage containers can help your business operations run more seamlessly. From storage and security to office space, shipping containers can be outfitted and modified to fit your unique needs and are built from sturdy steel, so you don’t have to worry about damage.  


Here are six reasons that your company, big or small, can benefit from on-site shipping container storage!  




On-site storage containers can be used for a variety of needs. From a place to store excess inventory, documents, or large equipment, to mobile offices and workspaces, storage units offer flexibility for a range of industries.  



As your business evolves, you can modify your shipping container to fit your needs.  



Have a landscaping business? They are perfect to store your mowers and other equipment. They can also be used to store seasonal inventory and supplies when they aren’t in use. If you own a medical practice, real estate agency, or law office, file cabinets filled with important paperwork can be easily and safely stored in shipping container storage too. The possibilities are endless!  


With our modifications and accessories at A American Container, you can transform an empty shipping container into a mobile office, or a storage unit with custom shelving complete with our proprietary DRP Locking System!  




If your business is growing and you need extra storage, leasing an off-site unit or lot can be more expensive than an on-site solution. Shipping containers are substantially more cost-effective than remodeling a current building, buying more property, or adding to your facility. Plus, shipping containers are eco-friendly!  




In any business, time is money, and having to go back and forth to off-site storage for materials, equipment, or documents can drain the productivity out of your business.  


Having stored items on-site and at your fingertips will help maximize productivity and business output during the workweek. And they can open space in a jam-packed construction or retail office, allowing businesses to streamline office organization. 





An empty shipping container is a blank slate, making it a flexible storage option for any kind of business. With items stored in an on-site storage container on your property or job site, you don’t have to worry about being unable to access them at a facility that may have limited business hours.  


Further, storage containers can be moved and rearranged as your business grows or moves. Depending on your needs and modifications, our on-site mobile storage units can be set up and operational in just a matter of days.  


Strength & Security  


With on-site storage containers, you don’t have to worry about your equipment or important paperwork. Because they are made from sturdy stainless steel and feature double-locking doors, they can withstand hurricane-force winds. Take it one step further and install our proprietary DRP Locking System and you’ll have an impenetrable storage solution!  


When considering a site to put your storage container on, set it up within sight of your security cameras for even more protection from theft!  



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Grows with Your Business Needs  


Since on-site storage containers can be set up quickly to meet your storage needs, removing or adding units as your business changes can be done without hesitation. They are also available in a variety of sizes to fit storage needs, big or small.  


On-site shipping container storage can help your business grow and thrive.  


At A American Container, our modification team can create a fully custom shipping container with separate storage areas, benching and shelves, electricity, lighting, and more! If you are worried about the temperature inside your unit, (we get it, it gets hot in Florida!) our team can add extra insulation to keep your goods protected from the elements.  


Remodeling your business? You can rent one of our portable shipping containers to store equipment and construction materials while the job is being completed. Further, if you are moving your business, you can use a shipping container to store office items, furniture, and equipment while you make your move. We said they were versatile!  



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On-Site Storage Solutions  


Portable shipping containers can streamline your business operations and keep your equipment and supplies secure year-round. If you are looking for a storage solution for your Tampa Bay business, look no further than A American Container. We have been helping business owners like you with their storage needs since 1998! 


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