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From being used as sturdy cargo boxes to ship goods around the globe on stormy seas to innovative modular buildings, repurposed shipping containers are revolutionizing the building and construction industries.  


Upcycled or modified containers have become an alternative to traditional construction for mobile offices, storage spaces, and even tiny homes—and they come with many benefits!  


Our team at A American Container discusses seven reasons to opt for a repurposed shipping container for your next building project!  

Reusing Shipping Containers  


Shipping containers are built to last. When reused, they offer an eco-friendly way to build mobile offices, job site security, retail spaces, storage, and more! Here are some of their many benefits! 




Shipping containers generally have a lifespan of about 25 years, and still, hold around 75% of their salvage value after the timespan is up. Not only is this longevity a benefit for any business that uses them, but repurposed shipping containers are simple to maintain and cost-efficient. 


This longevity is due to their 16-gauge CORTEN steel construction, which can withstand harsh weather—even hurricanes! 




Due to their steel construction, shipping containers are also difficult to break into. Plus, when you include a locking system like our DRP Locking System, they are virtually unable to be broken into. Yes, they are that secure!  


With a repurposed shipping container, you can have greater peace of mind that your inventory or industrial equipment is safe and sound.  


Weather Resistance 


If you need a sturdy structure that will stand up to Florida’s harsh elements and keep rodents out, modified shipping containers are the perfect solution. Not only can they handle the Florida heat and humidity, but they can be set up in colder climates at remote job sites with no issue.  




Thanks to standardized sizes intended for the shipment of cargo—most commonly 20’ and 40— offer logistical advantages when it comes to relocation.  


They can be easily relocated to a new job site or retail park by truck, and can even fit on a train or airplane. Container manufacturers also include forklift pockets and corner casting for crane use, so they are easy to lift, move, and stack as needed.  

Can Be Stacked  


Unmodified containers are engineered to be stacked nine high on a cargo ship, even when they are packed to their fully-loaded weight of 67,000 pounds.  


Just think about it – the frame of the container at the bottom of a nine-high stack can support 500,000 pounds. Yes, you read that right!  


Therefore, shipping containers are a safe and effective solution for tiny homes and mobile offices alike. 


Quick to Assemble 


Reduced project timelines are common in the shipping container modification industry. Often, modular construction allows simultaneous onsite preparation and offsite construction, cutting construction time in half.  


There are several unique advantages to using shipping containers over traditional structures because they are: 


  • Perfect for short term use as they don’t require permanence and are 100% relocatable 
  • Quick to set up  
  • Fast and easy to connect to electrical and plumbing 
  • Ready to set up upon arrival as many container uses don’t require permanent foundations 

Fully Customizable  


Whether you plan to build mobile offices, classrooms for your school, locker rooms for your crew, storage for inventory or equipment, or a workspace, we offer a wide range of modifications here at A American Container. From electricity and locks to custom shelving, and HVAC, our modification team can find a solution that fits your needs and budget.   

Choose a Repurposed Shipping Container  


If you are looking for a secure and affordable solution for storage or job site office needs, you’ve found the right team! A American Container has been modifying and repurposing shipping containers since 1998 and we have the experience and expertise to create exactly what you are looking for.  


Ready to repurpose a shipping container for your business? Call us today at 813-740-1911 or fill out a quick quote online. We are excited to help!  

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