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When it comes time to make a move or a change in your business, you likely need a safe and secure way to store and transport your items. If you are looking for a short-term solution, a shipping container rental could be ideal for your needs!  


Because of their versatility, shipping containers offer a cost-effective, secure, and convenient way to store items temporarily or seasonally. Plus, even if you plan to buy one in the future, you can still rent one to better understand the ideal size and determine the modifications you may need before investing.  


Learn our top six benefits for renting a shipping container from our team at A American Container!  



Rental Reason #1. Ideal for Short or One-Time Events 


Renting a shipping container can be ideal financially and logistically for one-time or seasonal events. There are many different short-term uses for shipping container rentals including: 


  • Storage Unit: If you have expensive equipment, tools, inventory, or other materials that you need to store, a storage unit can help prevent theft and vandalism. Further, they aren’t just secure but are made from sturdy Corten Steel that can withstand harsh wind, heavy rain, and other severe weather like hurricanes. 


If you have a project in a remote area or job site, you can rent a container for the duration of your project. 


  • Events: Depending on the size and scale of your event, you can rent a different size container to fit your needs. We can also modify shipping containers for concession stand use and ticket booths.  


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Rental Reason #2. Supplement Existing Assets 


Buying a fully modified shipping container makes sense if you plan to use it for a long time or need more workspace at a specific location. But there may be some events or occasions that require something more, such as a warehouse. In these situations, you can supplement what you already have with a shipping container to fulfill your temporary business needs.  

Rented shipping containers can serve your needs in the short term while you decide whether you want to buy and modify a unit that you can use for a longer time!  



Rental Reason #3. Convenient and Easy to Use 


The best part of renting a shipping container is that they are fast to rent and easy to set up. You can swap or upgrade containers for different sizes depending on your business’s changing needs without needing to sell or find a place to store your container when you don’t need it.  


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Rental Reason #4. Cost-Effective 


If you are on a tight budget but need a storage solution fast, renting a shipping container can be the best way to make use of your money. Renting can be particularly attractive for business customers looking to rent a container to manage a project since the cost could be billed to their client. 


Although shipping containers are generally not expensive to purchase, their cost has risen in the past few years, so if you aren’t ready to make an up-front initial investment, renting can be a great option.  


Rental Reason #5. Low Maintenance and Upkeep 


While shipping containers are long-lasting and durable, they require periodic maintenance. Renting gives you the option to swap out your container for a newer one, lowering your maintenance and upkeep. 


Rental Reason #6. Eco-Friendly  


Since shipping containers are used to transport goods and cargo around the world when you use a shipping container for a job site office, storage space, or other use, you are taking part in a “green” revolution! 


Why? Reusing a shipping container for storage once it is done being used on cargo ships is eco-friendly of course! When a container’s useful life is over, if not reused, it will be chopped up and melted down for recycling. While recycling in this way is better than nothing, it is still less sustainable than using the container as a storage solution or office thanks to the energy required to cut it up, transport it, and melt it down.  


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Rent a Shipping Container from A American 


Here, we have many options to help you find the portable storage solution that best fits your needs and budget. Our storage container rentals provide an instant storage solution that is reliable, convenient, and secure. And when you decide to buy, you can fully modify your shipping container with windows, ventilation, HVAC, electricity, and more!  


For a rental quote contact our friendly customer service today at 813-740-1911!  

Please be aware that the container industry is on high alert for scammers! A American Container will NEVER ask for a deposit to purchase a container, we do not accept online or app payments such as Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp. We do not list our containers on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any similar site. We do not have online chat agents. Please make sure to call us at 813-740-1911 for assistance or come by and visit us at 7001 East Adamo Drive, Tampa FL! Contact Us
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