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Since law enforcement is a 24/7 job, having portable mobile offices to improve the efficiency of the permanent police precinct provides versatility and flexibility for the force to efficiently serve and protect the public.

At A American Container, our shipping containers can be modified into mobile offices for law enforcement so officers can provide their services wherever they are needed.  

Keep reading to learn how portable storage containers can help local law enforcement officers serve the public. 

Mobile Police Offices & Secure Storage

When you think of a mobile office, law enforcement might not be the first field to come to mind, but shipping container offices for police teams have been growing in popularity due to their convenience, affordability, and endless uses. 

Law enforcement could use shipping container mobile offices for: 

Portable Police Stations 

New police precincts can be quite expensive to build, especially if they are only needed temporarily. For example, many large events require a heavy police presence throughout their duration. Instead of having officers stuck outside all day and night, portable police stations offer a place to take a break, plan, and take care of administrative duties while remaining at the event.  


Just like a permanent police station, mobile offices are  
essential to supporting law enforcement operations.  


With a mobile police station, it is easy to move the unit from one event to the next, avoiding the hassle of finding spaces to use as community needs arise.  



Storage needs are part of the unseen background of law enforcement.  


Policing requires a ton of paperwork, equipment, and supplies. If officers are on the go or far away from their home precinct, there is a need for a safe space to store all supplies and documents on the go.   


Our shipping containers can be modified to include special shelving and storage solutions to store: 

  • Paperwork  
  • Body armor & Uniforms  
  • ‘Comms’ equipment: Radios, cameras, etc. 
  • Medical supplies  
  • Weapons & Ammunition  
  • And more  

From shelving and electricity to insulation and HVAC systems, our modification team at A American Container is ready to modify a shipping container to become the perfect mobile solution for your police squad. Call us today to get started! 


Emergency Hub or Information Center 

When there is an emergency, there is a need to circulate information quickly. And in situations where events are held in a location that is far away from a precinct or clinic, a mobile shipping container office provides a secure and private space to address emergencies and disseminate information quickly.  

First responders are key to our community. From supporting police stations to modifying a mobile container for a local fire station, we’re proud to create a place to regroup, store supplies, train, and to provide key emergency care.


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Benefits of Mobile Containers for Law Enforcement

There are many benefits to using shipping containers for mobile police offices including: 


Containers are Portable 

Shipping containers that have been modified for law enforcement can be easily moved from location to location without damaging their structural integrity. 


Containers are Affordable

Having portable police stations doesn’t have to be expensive. 


When you modify a shipping container you’ll have a

mobile office solution that doesn’t require as much maintenance as traditional office spaces.   


Containers Offer Enhanced Safety 

Shipping containers are built from sturdy CORTEN steel, which makes them the most durable and secure solution for law enforcement offices. 

Our mobile shipping container offices are strong enough to withstand storms, natural disasters, and the test of time.  

For additional security, we can install our proprietary DRP Locking System which is virtually impossible to break, making the unit essentially theft-proof.  


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How Can We Help You Think Outside the Box®?   

Police officers are often the unsung heroes of our daily lives, keeping us protected day and night. They must have a safe and secure mobile solution so they can keep serving the public. This is where a shipping container from A American Container comes in!  

Whether you need to rent a container monthly or want to fully modify a container to fit your unique needs, we have you covered.

Call our friendly Tampa, FL-based team for a quote at 813-740-1911 today!  

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