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Storage can be a stressful experience – you’re keeping all of your valued possessions or expensive business equipment in a ‘big, steel box’. If it’s your first container rental, it makes sense that this could cause some concerns. 

A American Container is a reputable storage group in Florida, and we have heard it all when it comes to the perceptions about portable storage units. These myths can complicate the confidence that people have in storage. So today, we are here to bust the four most common myths about shipping container storage units. 


Myth 1: Steel Storage Units Are Dirty 


For whatever reason, what comes to mind for a lot of people are battered containers and dirty units. Yes, shipping containers are repurposed and they have their dings & dents from years on the ocean. One-trip containers have the best overall appearance (they are basically as new as you can get).  

No matter the grade, when these containers become one of our rental storage units, they are completely cleaned and repaired before delivering to our customers. Our rental units even get a coat of fresh gray paint.  

If you are in the market to buy a container, we can customize it to your needs both inside and out. You’ll barely notice you’re working in a shipping container. 


Myth 2: Portable Storage Units Are Easy to Break Into 


When we hear the word portable, we may associate it with something that’s light or flimsy. This is not the case with steel cargo containers; these units are made out of durable steel. 

We have many locking options to help keep your belongings safe. While nothing is 100% effective, our secure locking system combined with other security measures aimed at preventing would-be thieves can help protect your property. While we can’t completely shut down theft, these locks are extremely tough just like the container they’re installed on.  



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Myth 3: Portable Storage Units Are Not Weather-Proof 


This myth is false. These containers are made out of steel – one of the strongest metals on earth. Depending on the size, these units weighing in at over 4,000 pounds. 

They are sturdy and meant to withstand a variety of elements – including different types of weather (even storms). These units are extremely durable, and you can trust that your belongings will be safe.  

Unlike other companies who haphazardly patch areas of the container (it’s not a myth that duct tape may be used), at A American Container we take the time to properly repair any holes or gaps that could cause issues later. 


Myth 4: Portable Storage Units Are Too Expensive 


This myth is one that really gets to us here at A American, because we know there’s a large range of pricing. Yes, container prices are increasing, but we believe in keeping our rates affordable.  

If you’re wanting to rent or buy your own portable storage unit, reach out today. We can help find the best fit for your storage needs through our array of options, and we’d love to see how we can help you make the right choice.  

These storage units/mobile workspaces are more cost-effective than you’d think, and we’ll work with you to get what you need at a price you’d want. 



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Affordable Storage Solutions 

There you have it, 4 myths: busted! Store with more confidence. We are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to storage solutions. If you’re looking into shipping containers – rentals or to purchase, contact A American Container in Tampa, FL. How can we help you think outside of the box® Let’s find out! Start with our simple, no-hassle quote. 


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