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Tampa Bay is home to some of the most beautiful weather in the country, but this weather (hello, heat and humidity) can feel unbearable at times. Choosing to insulate your container can be the difference between struggling through another 90+-degree summer day in Florida or going through your day in comfort.  

Beat the heat…Our storage container pros at A American Container have rounded up some of the top reasons why you may want to have your container office space or hobby area insulated. 


Keep Your Materials Safe 

In some cases, the storage containers that you’ve spent time organizing, designing, and customizing can be as important as the business itself. Why allow mother nature to pose a threat? 

Using insulation on storage containers can prove to be critical depending on the field your business operates in. Making sure to keep an appropriate climate internally can be the difference between added profits or added expenses. Don’t let windows, rolling doors, or lighting be where you stop when it comes to creating the perfect portable workspace.  

Our professional modification and installation team can make all the additions needed for your hobby area, she-shed, or ground-level office (GLO). We’ll help create the perfect space for your storage needs and budget. Connect with A American to ensure that you, as well as your container, will be left to good hands. 


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Stay Comfortable as You Work 


Florida’s climate can be a gift at times, and sometimes it can be your worst enemy. Comfort matters in every aspect of lifeIt’s a no-brainer to extend this to youindustrial-style workspace as well.  

Installing insulation can be the difference between feeling like you’re working in a hot, humid storage facility, and working in an office where you have more control over the climate.  

Keep your cool and contact A American Container’s shipping container specialists for an easy quote, and let us get started in designing your perfect workspace 


Go custom! Customizing Your Container: Adding Electricity 


Increase Resale Value 


As your business grows, so will your needs – so taking the time to make your investments count will pay you back in the long run as a business owner.  

The modifications you make not only make the cargo container suit your needs now, but are likely ideal for another business later should you decide to resale your unit when you’re done with it. Modifications can make the most of your investment in a GLO or portable hobby space and this added value can make the decision on improving these mobile workspaces that much easier.  


Modifications like insulation, windows, electrical wiring, HVAC, and lighting can be the perfect addition to your shipping container office space. Call the storage pros at A American today for a modification and design consultation 813.740.1911 ! 


Choose Our Quality Cargo Containers 


Taking the step towards improving your workspace can be vital to helping you and your business turn corners on productivity, so why wait? 

Connect with our storage specialists at A American for a FREE shipping container quote or call us at 813.740.1911 to speak with our friendly customer service teamLet’s get started building your dream cargo container work area today! 

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