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Your mobile shipping container office has a lot of potential!  


Modifying a shipping container to be a job site or home office is an amazing idea. You’ll have just the right amount of space and the privacy to get work done, plus you can modify your unit to be any size or configuration that you want!   


When setting up your shipping container office there is much to consider: 


  • Where should it be situated?  
  • What amenities do you need?  
  • Do you need extra storage space?  


And that’s not all! Here are our modification team’s top five tips to set up the most efficient shipping container office possible! 

#1. Ask to See One-Trip Containers  


It can be difficult to decide which grade of container you should buy. If you want to get the best quality used shipping container possible, consider a one-trip container. As the name suggests, these containers have only been used once, so they will still be in good condition.  


On a scale of good, better, and best, think of a one-trip container as our “best” option.  


One-trip shipping containers are top-notch because: 


  • They are ready to use 
  • Offer better residual value 
  • They are often available in many sizes and options 
  • They are as new as you can get and have limited dings and dents  


One-trips are top-notch > Reasons Why You Need a One-Trip Shipping Container  

#2. Go Fully Equipped  


To maximize your mobile office’s efficiency, opt for a container that is fully equipped with HVAC, electricity, and ample outlets to plug in computers, printers, phones, and more.  


And don’t forget about insulation! Comfort matters, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time in your mobile shipping container office! Installing insulation can be the difference between feeling like you are working in a humid storage facility and in a comfortable home office.  


Our professional modification team at A American Container can make all the modifications needed to create the perfect mobile office to fit your needs. Connect with us today; 813-740-1911!  


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#3. Consider the Extras 


Don’t let electricity, HVAC, or insulation be where you stop when it comes to creating the most efficient portable workspace! Here at A American Container, you can modify to your heart’s content when you purchase one of our units.  


Common modifications other than electricity and HVAC include:  


#4. Plan for Storage 


If you need to store a large number of documents, inventory, or equipment, you will want to consider unique storage solutions and custom shelving. To maximize the available floor space, opt for wall shelves or overhead cabinets instead of space-wasting storage like filing cabinets.  


This will give you enough room to store everything you need to keep business flowing, but won’t leave you feeling claustrophobic. 

#5. It’s All About the Windows 


As with any office space, proper lighting is key to productivity in a shipping container office. With that in mind, you may want to add several large windows to the walls of your shipping container to let ample natural light in.  


Not only will this help you cut back on electricity usage, but natural light will make your office feel more welcoming and spacious. (We’re not going for the look and feel of a cubicle here!) 


Beautiful windows and natural light in your mobile shipping container office will do wonders for your morale and productivity.  



Design Your Mobile Office  


Ready to get to business? Make your workday more comfortable and efficient with a mobile shipping container office! At A American Container, we are committed to helping you create the perfect solution that will best fit your unique business needs.  


Have questions about what mobile office modifications our team can do? Call our Tampa shipping container specialists at 813-740-1911 or fill out a quote request today!  


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