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If you are in the market for a shipping container for your personal or professional needs, you’ll find yourself faced with a decision: One-Trips, CW, or A, B, or C grades. Which grade is the best fit for your storage needs? 

One-trip containers are an amazing option, as they are essentially new containers that have only been used one time for shipping. If your budget allows, a one-trip is often a wise decision to make.  

Here are some reasons to choose a one-trip (as new as you can get) Shipping Container over the other grades available. 



One-Trip-Grade Shipping Containers 


At A American Containers, One-Trip-grade shipping containers are our newest fleet and rate the highest in both structural quality and aesthetics. On a scale of good-better, best, think of these as one of our ‘best’ options. When you purchase a One Trip–Grade container from us, you can expect a new container that is in excellent condition.   

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Why Choose a One-Trip-Grade? 


  1. Ready to Use

Most of the time, one-trip containers are in cargo-worthy condition prior to purchase, meaning that they’re already prepped to be loaded and transported. These storage units are practically new so you will not need to do additional maintenance, repairs, or cleaning. Before use, all you’ll need to do is prep the site for delivery 

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  1. Residual Value

While renting a shipping container is an option, there is no residual value. When your contract ends you must return the unit. All those payments become a sunk cost, but that wouldn’t be the case if you purchased instead.  

If you purchase a shipping container, you could eventually resell it at its residual value. Shipping containers have the ability to maintain their value up to a few decades after purchase. These units have a long lifespan especially when it’s only had one trip on the ocean. 

  1. Cost Advantages

Buying a shipping container outright does involve a larger upfront investment, however, it is a one-time purchase.  

With a rental, you will be making recurring payments. These payments might be lower, but the cost adds up over time. Buying your one-trip container saves you on making monthly payments. If you’re needing to rent a container for over 18 months, you should consider buying it outright – it is usually a better financial decision. 


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  1. Options and Availability

One-trip containers are typically available in many sizes and with many more options. At A American Container, we have multiple sizes and an array of door options. Whatever your shipping container needs are, we have a solution.  

Our one-trip containers are available with the following options:

  • Standard Height: 8’6” 
  • High-Cube Height: 9’6” 
  • 40-foot 
  • 40-foot double door 
  • 20-foot 
  • 20-foot double door 
  • 20-foot open side. 


If you are in the market for a one-trip shipping container, call our team at A American Container for a quote! We’ll help you think outside the boxTM

  1. Modifications

When you buy your own shipping container, you are able to make whatever changes you’d like. Our team can make all sorts of custom modifications for your job site or hobby area.  

These changes are completely up to you to customize the security, aesthetics, or functionality of your container. This is a huge advantage of purchasing rather than renting a container.  


  1. Corrosion Resistant

One-trip containers are made with high-quality Corten steel panels and doors and are painted with anti-corrosive paint. Since they’ve only made one trip on a container ship, they are as new as you can get and will be in the best condition with very limited dings and dents that can be more noticeable on the other grades of cargo containers. 

One Trip Shipping Containers

If you’re looking for the best quality cargo container, we believe one-trip containers are the best option. There are many advantages to buying a one-trip container.  

If you’re in the market for a storage or shipping container, contact our team. We can answer any questions that you have about the purchase or rental process. 

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