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Shipping containers are made to withstand even the toughest storms while on their journey on cargo ships across the world. Shipping container floors are made specifically to withhold a variety of heavy cargo loads for 10 to 20 years.  


The condition of shipping container floors is essential for the longevity of your unit! The shipping container pros at A American explain what makes a shipping container floor stand the test of time: 


How Are Shipping Container Floors Manufactured?  


Shipping containers are constructed from heavy-duty steel, COR-TEN steel to be exact. Machinery is used to cut sheets of COR-TEN steel for the sidewalls, roof, and floor joists; all of which are then held together by a strong steel frame.  


Once these pieces of steel are welded together, a rubber seal is installed to make the container watertight.  




Shipping containers have steel joists as the base of the floor that are connected to the sidewalls of the container. 1 1/8″ Thick pieces of marine-grade plywood are then installed over the steel beams. This grade of wood makes the shipping container floor extremely tough and less susceptible to damage. It is also easily repaired at shipping depots.  


When the container is completed, there are several examinations done to ensure that the container meets the industry standards.  


These tests might include: 


  • Stacking tests 
  • Sidewall and front wall end strength tests 
  • Door strength tests 
  • Roof tests 
  • Flooring tests 
  • Wind and water-tightness tests 
  • Maximum gross weight tests 


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Built to Last 


Bottom line: shipping containers are built to last.  


Their floors, in particular, are designed to hold a wide range of cargo for shipment to countries all over the world. Standard marine plywood floors are designed to hold just about anything by sea, road, or rail, including dry and refrigerated goods, hazardous materials, building materials, bulk items, and more! 


Maintain it: Shipping Container Roof Maintenance Tips  


Purchase or Rent a High-Quality Shipping Container  


The condition of your shipping container’s floor is essential, especially if you want to ensure that your shipping container will last for years or decades as an on-site office, hobby area, or storage unit! The condition of the swing-out doors, as well as the steel panels, posts, and corners, are also important aspects of the container to monitor.  


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