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Modification is our middle name and our experts are here to help you think outside the box for your ground-level office (GLO). We create and customize your job site workspace with a multitude of options.  

When it comes to customizing your container, you may not know exactly where to start. Don’t worry with our customer service team, the cargo container modification process isn’t daunting. When the job site is loud and you need a space to get away and be productive, you’ll want to make sure that your container has the electricity you need to power your devices.  

Let’s get to work; here’s how easy adding electricity to your GLO can be. 


Why Modify Containers with Electrical 


Storage container usage and requirements vary greatly based on your needs and project. A American sells shipping containers that make for great portable offices. Even better? You can modify them to meet your needs.  

To get more work done, many people want their GLOs to have electrical and lighting options to help them be more productive. When you add electrical to your cargo container, you can use the unit for more than portable storage, you can power your HVAC, lighting, computers, or other devices you need to plug in.  

We can install a custom electrical setup or you can choose from one of our electrical packages. Contact our customer service team to learn how we can modify your unit to best fit your needs.  


Our Electrical Packages 


Each of our lighting packages will allow for personalized accommodations to fit your specific needs. Though to make your buying experience easier, A American Container has ready-made electrical packages for our shipping containers. 

Available in 20-foot and 40-foot options, these packages include customizable options ranging from installation and routing of (3) to (5), 4-foot overhead LED lighting packages, as well as main breaker and 20-amp double outlets available with covers. Packages can be adjusted to suit your portable office needs.   


Lighting Options for Your Unit 


Poor lighting can greatly affect productivity and physical health. Why add more stress to the job, when you can create an accommodating environment? 

Our optional lighting modifications help your portable office to have highquality lighting and/or electrical. These are our optional lighting upgrades 


Flood Lights 


Flood lights provide an option to those looking to lighten the area around their container for increased safety for your team and extra security 

 These packages are customizable and can include: 

  • Motion sensor activation 
  • Custom installation for perfect coverage every time, we can place them where you’d like 


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Porch Light 


A great option for focused lighting, porch lighting allows for customers to highlight important points around your storage units including doors and entry ways. A porch light is a great way to illuminate the area around the door(s) for better safety and security. 

These systems have the added benefits of: 

  • Can be connected to a light switch 
  • They can have a daylight sensor to turn on at dusk and off at dawn 


Overhead Lighting 


Overhead lighting is one of the most common ways to have electricity installed in a shipping container. We use quality LED lights that are more energyefficient and provide better lighting than traditional fluorescent lights. 

Custom layout options are available and our team would be happy to help you perfectly place your overhead lighting.  


Electrical Outlets 


These are basically an essential addition to your container; this is what takes storage spaces into workspaces. We can help accommodate a variety of needs from powering equipment to charging your phone. 

Our outlet modifications are the same as what’s used in commercial and residential buildings. Outlets can be custom placed and are either 110v or 220v depending on the application needed. 


The Critical Piece to Adding Electrical to Your Container 


You can’t add any electrical without a load center (the main breaker). We’re not electricians, so this piece is critical to allow whatever electrical you need to be brought into the container by a qualified electrician.  

At A American, our standard load center is a 100 AMP main breaker with a grounding bar. We can customize this to go achieve a higher AMP wiring if needed. 


Maximize Your Cargo Container with Electricity 


When you have a job to do, we can help you create a portable office space that works! Your container GLO can be customized to perfectly suit your work needs and help you be more productive.  

When you want to drive results on your job site, rely on A American Containers to be your goto storage unit solution and start today with a free, no-hassle quote! Our experienced customer service team can help you decide what improvements would maximize your shipping container.  

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