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There are many reasons why shipping containers are the new “it” structure for groundlevel offices, storage facilities, pop-up restaurants, homes, and more! One of the key reasons? Longevity. In fact, repurposed container has a life span of more than 25 years especially when it is properly maintained.  

A major component of shipping container maintenance is paying special attention to the rooftop. Over long periods of time, standing water can take its toll and can cause the entire structure to fail. 

Protect your investment by following these simple rooftop maintenance tips! 


Avoid Putting Too Much Weight on the Container Rooftop 

While the roof of a shipping container is extremely durable, it’s not fail-proof. Every shipping container has reinforced corner castings that are responsible for its structural integrity. This means that if you walk across the roof or place heavy items on top of the container, it can flex or dip 

At A American Container, all of our shipping containers are ISO-certified and meet strict roof rigidity and strength requirements. If you need access to the roof or need to stack another structure on top of your groundlevel storage container, it’s possible, but additional modifications and reinforcements may be required 

For your safety, we recommend keeping every unit at ground level for safe access for you and your team and limited time on top of your unit. 


Remove Debris and Surface Rust 

We believe a well-maintained container is a clean container! Clean up surface rust, dirt, and debris with a commercial wetting agent, mild bleach, or anti-mildew solution, rinse with a hose and sweep to release rust and dirt.  

By not addressing these issues, damage to the roof and the container’s contents could occur.   


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Do Not Alter the Existing Rooftop of a Shipping Container 

When you look at the rooftop of a shipping container, you’ll notice that instead of a slope (like that of a traditional building), it has a convex shape. These pre-engineered convex container rooftops are specially made to maintain the structural integrity of the shipping container.  

In fact, any changes to the roof’s structure may alter the safety of the container. Another added benefit? The walls and roof of shipping containers are constructed of Corten steel – a virtually indestructible metal that won’t warp under standing water like traditional sloped roofs.  

Before you buy, our team makes sure to properly patch any holes, dings, and dents in your container to help protect your belongings. We don’t cut corners like some in our industry. Interested in purchasing a shipping container? Contact A American, your reliable source for secure, onsite storage at 813.740.1911. 


Immediately Remove Standing Water  

By far one of the easiest ways to maintain the roof of your shipping container is to immediately remove any standing water that has accumulated. Otherwise, it could lead to rust, mold, thinning metal, or an intrusion of moisture.  

All A American shipping containers are finished with an environmentally friendly water-resistant paint that helps prevent rust. It certainly helps, but standing water still needs to be removed to keep the roof clear of rust or mold. 


Lease or Purchase Container from a Reliable Source 

The container you choose to lease or purchase is only as good as the company it comes from! As you shop around, research the quality of the container and the available modifications. Ask for the age of the container and check to see if it has any significant damage. To prevent scams, you may also want to see the storage unit in person or have a virtual tour. 

At A American Container, we carefully select containers that will be leased or sold to our clients. We carefully patch anywhere that needs to be resealed from the elements and focus on the roof and wall structures to give you the best for your chosen level of container. For modified units, we back this up by providing a one-year warranty on our workmanship.  


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Secure, Onsite Storage That Stands the Test of Time 

With proper maintenance, your steel cargo container can last for years and years. They have been built to withstand the strongest elements and ocean travel after allAlthough you can’t see it, you may want to give the roof extra attention to proactively protect your work or hobby-related items. The structure can become worn by the elements otherwise. 

At A American Containers, we like to “think outside of the box” and provide our clients with an exceptional experience each time they rent or purchase from our Tampa-based on-site storage company! 

Interested in a long-term lease or would like to buy an affordable shipping container, email our storage specialists for a FREE quote or call us at 813.740.1911 to speak with our friendly customer service team. 


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