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Buying a shipping container for your business can be exciting. Though they don’t look like much at first glance, the possibilities of what you can create with a shipping container are virtually endless. Since they are sturdy, watertight, and customizable, they can be repurposed into just about anything.  


However, before you buy a shipping container there are some important questions to answer before you swipe your card. The A American Container team discusses.  

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Shipping Container 


Before buying a shipping container, you should ask the following questions:  


#1. Why Are You Buying a Shipping Container?  


Consider why you want a shipping container. Do you want to use it as a storage solution for equipment at a job site? Or perhaps you want to modify it into a functional mobile office. Whatever you plan to do, make sure you have a clear vision as to why you want to buy a container to ensure that it will fit your needs.  


The main reasons that people buy shipping containers include: 


  • Storage: Shipping containers can hold a lot of stuff, from heavy equipment to inventory.  
  • Home construction: Shipping containers are the perfect base to design a tiny home or larger structure 
  • Offices: A mobile shipping container office can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces 
  • Restaurants: Shipping containers can be modified into mobile pop-up restaurants  
  • Retail: Shipping containers can be modified into different configurations for retail applications and pop-up shops  

#2 What Type of Shipping Container Do You Want?  


After you have a clear idea of what you want to use your shipping container for, now it’s time to decide what type of container you want.  


The most common type of containers are “dry-freight”  

Containers, which are generally 20’ or 40’ and open on one end.  


Learn About Specialty Containers > Specialty Shipping Containers Available  


If the items you are storing need to be protected from the elements, there are modifications such as ventilation, electricity, and insulation that we can add to your container.  


#3. How Big Do You Need the Container to Be?  


The size of the container that you need will ultimately depend on what you plan to use it for. All shipping containers have an 8’ x 8’ opening but vary in their length.  


The most popular layouts are 20’ to 40’, though they can be modified to any size that you’d like by our team at A American Container.  


#4. What is the Condition of the Container?  


Containers also come in several grades, so it is important to decide if you want a virtually new container or if you are ok with a few dings and dents.  


Shipping container grades include: 



Containers that are graded “watertight” are guaranteed to maintain their watertight properties, making them ideal for storage applications.  


#5. Will You Be Able to Inspect the Container Before Purchasing? 


Never buy a shipping container without seeing it in person first. To make sure you are getting the container that you want, make sure to thoroughly inspect the container before purchasing it.  


Our team at A American Container will walk you through the entire process from choosing your container to delivery, and we will make sure you are happy with your container before you walk off the lot! Call us today for a quote; 813-740-1911! 


#6. How Will the Container Be Delivered?  


Our team at A American Container will deliver your container, so you will want to take the delivery process into consideration early on in the buying process.  


Follow these tips to get ready for delivery: 


  • The ground should be level 
  • The ground needs to be solid and dry, or else the heavy trucks will get stuck 
  • The area must be clean of debris 
  • The route to where the container will be placed should be a minimum of 12-foot wide 
  • Overhead clearance of this route should be at least 14-foot high 
  • Overhead clearance at the point where the container will be offloaded should be 20-foot high 


#7. Where Will the Container Be Located?  


Make sure you have decided where the container is going to be located on your property.  


Shipping containers need to be placed 

 on a flat, dry space.  


Though shipping containers are quite sturdy, in some cases they will need a foundation to rest on.  


Learn More > Does My Shipping Container Need a Foundation?  

How Can We Help You Think Outside the Box?® 


At A American Container, we like to help our clients “think outside the box,” for shipping container storage solutions and modifications. If you can dream it, our modification team can build it!  


Ask us any questions you may have about our current line-up of shipping containers, or contact us for a quote today; 813-740-1911! 

Please be aware that the container industry is on high alert for scammers! A American Container will NEVER ask for a deposit to purchase a container, we do not accept online or app payments such as Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp. We do not list our containers on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any similar site. We do not have online chat agents. Please make sure to call us at 813-740-1911 for assistance or come by and visit us at 7001 East Adamo Drive, Tampa FL! Contact Us
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