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One of the greatest benefits of using shipping containers as a mobile office or storage space is their mobility. But do you need to set up a foundation every time you relocate your shipping container? Well, it depends.  


If you have a single shipping container that you want to keep mobile, it can be placed directly on any flat, level, and dry surface. However, there are a few situations where some kind of foundation for your container is required. Our team at A American Container explains.  

Consider the Soil  


The soil composition of where you plan to place your container will influence your decision to place it on a foundation. In Southern states like Florida, the soil tends to contain a lot of clay.  


Containers placed directly on the ground tend to sink in the long term which is why we recommend resting them on pressure-treated lumber blocks.  


However, if the container is placed on a hard substrate like concrete or granite, it will not need a special foundation. A container in a wet swampy area will always require concrete pilings to keep it level. With that in mind, keep reading to learn what we recommend for our customers.  


Considerations For Shipping Container Foundations  


Here are some considerations to keep in mind when placing your shipping container:  


#1. You Plan to Relocate the Container Often  


Many retail businesses and construction companies often keep their onsite storage containers or mobile offices on the move. The CORTEN steel construction of these containers allows them to save thousands on storage solutions as they can be readily moved and can be placed in a parking lot or on top of pressure-treated wood blocks at a job site since they are temporary.  


#2. You Plan to Use the Container Onsite for a Month or Up to a Year  


If the shipping container is going to be spending a longer period on bare earth, there is more risk of it settling into an unlevel position over time, especially here in Florida where we receive ample rainfall. If the container becomes unlevel, the doors will not open properly and your storage or inventory could be put at risk.  


A level container is important if you have a mobile office with plumbing. Wastewater runs downhill, which is why plumbing lines are installed on a slope. A container that is sitting on unlevel ground can tip any plumbing lines to the wrong angle, and you could be in for a stinky situation.  


The container can be placed on pressure-treated wood blocks on bare ground, but check it every month or so to ensure that it is still level. If it appears to be sinking or tilting, you should consider moving it to a gravel pad.  


#3. You Have Multiple Units Attached Together 


If you have several shipping containers that are joined into a larger building, a foundation becomes necessary. You don’t want one container to start drifting off the larger structure due to shifting soil.  


The foundation piers should be deep enough to keep the entire structure safe and level; keeping in mind that the weight of the units will site exclusively on corner castings.  

Why Cargo Shipping Containers Have Dings and Dents

Shipping Container Tiny Homes Require a Foundation 


Since shipping container homes are usually not mobile they must be built on a highly stable platform. Weather can take a toll on the ground that a shipping container home is built on, which can cause shifting, sinking, or sliding. 


 Don’t take a chance with your shipping container home. Build a solid, durable platform for it to rest upon.  


Similarly, if you use a shipping container for a garage, workshop, studio, or office space, it should be placed on a stable concrete foundation.  


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Bottom Line: Keep Your Container Level  


If anything, remember this—your shipping container should always sit on a flat, dry, and level surface. This will ensure that your doors will open freely and will prevent pooling water on the roof, plumbing issues, or other costly problems.  


Further, make sure that you are keeping up with regular shipping container maintenance to maintain a safe and rust-free container.  


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Purchase or Rent a Secure Onsite Storage  


When you are ready to purchase or rent a shipping container to use as a mobile office or storage space, call on our team at A American Container in Tampa! Depending on your needs, we will help you select the right size and grade of container to fit your needs and budget.  


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