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Shipping containers provide an affordable and reliable storage solution for a variety of needs. Whether you are looking to modify a unit into a mobile office or just want to store something close to your business, you have two choices when it comes to purchasing or renting containers: one-trip containers or used containers.  


Each option has its advantages, and understanding the differences between the two will help make your decision easier. Our shipping container pros at A American Container weigh in!  

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What Are “One-Trip” Containers?  


One-trip containers are essentially new containers that have only been used one time for shipping, hence the name. If your budget allows, buying a one-trip unit is often a wise decision to make.  


At A American Container, our one-trip stock includes containers that are rated the highest in both structural quality and aesthetics.  


On a scale of good, better, and best, think of one-trip containers as one of our “best” options.  


Benefits of One-Trip Containers  


There are several benefits to purchasing a one-trip container including: 


#1. Ready to Use  


One-trip containers are in cargo-worthy condition before purchase, meaning that they are prepped and ready to be loaded and transported to you.  


These storage units are practically new, so you won’t have to do any repairs or cleaning before using them. Before we deliver, all you will need to do is prep the site for delivery. Easy!  


#2. Options & Availability 


One-trip containers typically come in many sizes and with many options. We have multiple sizes and an array of door options available, just give us a call to see what we have on hand as our inventory fluctuates weekly!  


One-trip containers are usually available in the following options:  



#3. Low Maintenance  


Since these containers have only made one trip on a container ship, they are as new as you can get and are in the best condition available with very limited dings and dents. They are built from high-quality CORTEN steel panels and their doors have been painted with anti-corrosive paint, protecting them from the elements and rust.  

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What Are “Used” Containers?  


Used containers are ideal for those who are less concerned with aesthetics and want to bridge the gap between their function and cost.  


Built to last, use shipping containers will last for years to come, but they might have a few dings and dents!  


At A American, we grade used containers by a scale of CW, A, B, or C grade which reflects the rigors of traversing the world’s oceans. Used containers may vary in color and often have superficial dents and scratches and rust from the exposed steel of the container oxidizing.  


CW-Grade Containers 


Our CW-grade containers are some of the most popular cargo containers that we sell. They are considered “cargo worthy” which means that they have been deemed suitable for cargo transportation under CSC criteria, so they are a great option for storage.  


CW-grade containers: 


  • Are in a certifiable condition 
  • Are wind and watertight 
  • May have minor surface rust and interior scratches from cargo 
  • Have flooring that might be worn, marked, or stained  
  • Have an exterior that is dented or has minor rust 


A-Grade Containers  


Our A-Grade containers are another popular option. If you don’t need a certified container, A-grade is your best choice. These are the containers that are included in our rental fleet.  


Our A-grade containers meet the following criteria: 


  • The container is used but still in a certifiable condition 
  • The interior is a minimum of 50% mark free and may have minor surface rust or small scratches 
  • The floor might be stained, slightly worn, or marked.  
  • The exterior might have minor denting or rust corrosion.  
  • The container may have been repaired in the past.  


B-Grade Containers 


B-grade containers usually rate lower aesthetically but are still structurally sound and watertight for your storage needs.  


Our B-grade containers meet the following criteria: 

  • The container is wind and water-tight 
  • The solid floor and roofs will have some patchwork 
  • The exterior may have minor rust corrosion or dents   
  • The container may have undergone minor repairs  


C-Grade Containers 


C-grade containers are our “good” option and are the most affordable option we offer. They are still structurally sound, but they are rated lower aesthetically due to dents and dings or surface rust.   


With C-grade containers you can expect:  


  • Obvious wear and tear, such as noticeable markings, corrosion, and scratches 
  • The floor is likely marked and may exhibit moderate delamination  
  • The container may have been repaired several times  

yellow 20-foot container on lift at A American Container

Which Type of Container is Right for Me?  


Ultimately, the container grade that you choose will depend on what your needs are. If you want a container in almost new condition to place next to your business, restaurant, or home for storage, then a one-trip is the best option. Plus these containers are a great base for mobile office modifications 


If aesthetics aren’t an issue, any one of our other grades will work well for you and still be structurally sound and water-tight. Which one you choose will ultimately depend on your budget constraints.  


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Reliable Onsite Storage 


We realize that there is no one-size-fits-all storage solution, and when it comes to your business assets and personal property, you want to have peace of mind that they are as safe and secure as possible.  


Depending on your needs and budget, our friendly team will find the perfect storage solution for you!  


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