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Shipping containers are well known for their versatility thanks to their modification potential as well as their portability. But most importantly, they are highly durable and secure since they are made to withstand years on possibly stormy seas. 


Whether you plan to use your shipping container as a storage unit, mobile office, or even the base for your tiny home, you can rest assured that they are extremely effective to shield your space against extreme winds and water.  


Our team discusses all the merits of these secure storage containers and why they are the best option to keep your contents safe.  


Key Points:  

  • A container is considered wind and watertight (WWT) if no wind or water can penetrate the structure when used as intended. 
  • Shipping containers are made of CORTEN steel and are extremely durable. Regardless of the grade of the cargo container, our team cares to make sure that it’s wind and water resistant to protect what you place inside.  
  • After their useful life at sea, containers can be used for years as onsite storage units, mobile offices or GLOs, hobby spaces, and more with minimal maintenance. 

The Reliability of Shipping Containers  


Shipping containers are made of strong CORTEN steel which allows them to traverse the ocean, battling the elements and keeping the inside contents safe. 


After they have been modified, it is important to note that while they are still impressively reliable and can withstand hurricanes, fires, and more, they won’t be considered wind and watertight for sea travel. But that’s ok because we are using these containers on land!  


That being said, modified containers are still resistant to harsh weather. Even larger units or those that are stacked on top of one another remain weather resistant as they are used in storage or housing applications.  


Shipping containers can withstand fluctuating  

temperatures, storms, and heavy winds.  


Since You’re Here > How Shipping Containers Stand Up to Severe Weather  

What Do Wind and Watertight Mean in the Container Industry? 


A container is considered wind and watertight (WWT) if no wind or water can penetrate the structure when used as intended. That’s why WWT shipping containers are the perfect storage solution.  


WWT means that if you were to step inside a  

shipping container, you would not be able  

to see daylight and the container  

would be sealed completely. 



New containers are always wind and watertight, but our modified and used shipping containers are all repaired to make them wind and water tight as well.  


Note: This does not mean that the container is considered Cargo Worthy. A shipping container is only designated as Cargo Worthy when it has a CSC certificate that allows it to be used to ship cargo.  


Modified Containers are Wind & Watertight


When modifying a shipping container, we are careful to protect its structural integrity even when adding windows, doors, and vents. This attention to detail is what allows us to say that our containers are WWT, even after modifications.  


In addition to protecting against major weather events like heavy thunderstorms and hurricanes, shipping containers can be modified to guard your items against changes in temperature and humidity. This is where HVAC solutions and insulation modifications come in handy.  


Further, security modifications can protect your container from external forces like wind and even potential burglars. For example, our proprietary DRP Locking System can resist an intruder’s attempt to sledgehammer, pry, or breach the security system. 

Onsite Storage Solutions  


As you can see, even retired shipping containers are built and modified to last. After their useful life at sea, they can serve many more years as onsite storage units, mobile offices, employee locker rooms, and more with minimal maintenance.  


Spruce up your container and give it new life with modifications done by our team at A American Container. We are Tampa Bay’s #1 source for reliable storage solutions and cargo container modifications! 


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