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20-Foot Containers

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20-Foot Steel Containers

Are you in need of extra storage space or a customizable solution for your business? Look no further! Our 20-foot steel shipping containers are ready to be used as-is for storage or modified into custom spaces to suit your business needs.  




With their spacious interiors and sturdy construction, our 20-foot cargo containers provide the perfect solution for offices and storage needs.  


  • 20 foot long 
  • 8 feet wide 
  • 8 feet 6 inches high 
blue 20-foot containers stacked

Uses for 20-foot Containers 

Besides storage spaces, 20-foot steel containers can be used for: 


A American Container office

20-Foot Container Benefits  

  • Durable and Secure: Our 20-foot shipping containers are constructed from high-quality CORTEN steel, ensuring maximum durability and protection for your goods while in storage. Its robust design features a secure locking mechanism, providing peace of mind that your valuable items are safe from theft or damage. 


  • Versatile Storage Solution: With a spacious interior measuring 20 feet in length, these containers offer ample storage space for a wide range of items, from landscaping equipment to inventory and business documents. Whether you need temporary storage during a relocation or a long-term solution for excess inventory, our containers provide a versatile and easily accessible storage solution. 


  • Weatherproof Design: Designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, our shipping containers are built with weatherproof materials that ensure your goods remain dry and protected from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They also feature proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup inside the container, preserving the quality of your stored items. 


  • Easy Transportation and Setup: With its standardized dimensions, 20-foot steel containers are designed for hassle-free transportation and effortless setup. Their compact size allows them to be easily maneuvered on trucks or trailers, providing convenient mobility when you need to relocate or transport them over long distances. 


  • Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in a 20-foot cargo container is a cost-effective solution compared to building permanent storage structures or renting warehouse spaces. With their spacious interior capacity, you can maximize the utilization of available space while significantly reducing overhead costs associated with traditional storage options. 
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Modification Possibilities   

Imagine having the freedom to design a workspace that perfectly suits your business needs or a storage space where everything fits just so. Whether you’re looking to build a portable office, a pop-up shop, or even a cozy tiny home, the possibilities are truly endless with a 20-foot steel cargo container!  


      • Add windows and doors to create a comfortable office space or partition it into different sections for various purposes.  
      • Equipped with electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, insulation, and air conditioning or heating systems, these containers can be tailored to create a comfortable and functional working environment. 
      • Our insulation and vents are specifically designed to keep your container cool during the hot summer months. The high-quality materials used in our insulation provide excellent thermal resistance, while the strategically placed vents allow for proper air circulation, preventing heat buildup inside the container. 


With a 20-foot container as your canvas, you can bring your vision to life and create a functional and unique environment tailored to your specific requirements!

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Contact us today to discover how our 20-foot shipping steel containers can transform your storage or business needs. Our team at A American Container is ready to assist you in choosing the right container or modifications and ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.  


Don’t settle for limited options when you can have the flexibility and convenience of our customizable steel cargo containers. Take action now and unlock endless possibilities with one of our 20-foot shipping containers! 


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