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Shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular on job sites due to their ability to help prevent mistakes and ensure safety. Containers can be used in a variety of ways, such as storing materials and equipment, providing extra space for workers, and even creating temporary office space for administrative tasks.  


Learn how shipping containers can help prevent job site mistakes from our team at A American Container!  

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Preventing Job Site Mistakes  


When it comes to construction projects, there are many moving parts, and getting off schedule due to a mistake, theft, or injury can have a BIG impact on your bottom line.  


Shipping containers can be beneficial to help prevent: 


  • Theft of material or tools: expensive power tools and raw materials can be attractive to thieves.  
  • Arson or vandalism: construction sites attract people that are looking to trespass and destroy something. 
  • Damage from bad weather: inclement weather can destroy materials and cause damage.  
  • Accidents from untidy construction sites: construction sites are dangerous and can cause accidents if not kept clean.  
  • Mistakes from tired employees: being tired and working without breaks can be the cause of mistakes.  


Let’s take a closer look at each of the benefits of shipping containers.  


#1. Theft Prevention  


Although some thefts from construction sites are often planned, most are opportunistic. Unfortunately, the theft of even just a small number of materials or tools can result in high costs and loss of progress on your project.  


Theft costs the United States construction  

industry $1 billion annually.  


Thieves often target construction sites due to:  



Modified shipping containers have security measures like window bars, locking systems like our DRP Locking System, a study steel exterior, porch lights, etc. to keep employee locker rooms, mobile offices, and equipment storage safe and sound.  


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#2. Arson and Vandalism Prevention  


To help minimize the fire risks at construction sites, storage containers can be used to keep equipment and tools safe since they are naturally fire-resistant.  


If a fire does occur at the site of a fire, you can be confident that the contents inside your storage container will remain undamaged and that the container will maintain its structural integrity. That’s the power of CORTEN steel! 


#3. Protection from Inclement Weather   


Construction materials like interior fittings, electrical components, and interior finishes are best kept dry until they are installed, and most climates (especially hot, humid Florida) are not suitable for storing materials in the open air for more than a few hours. Both water and sunlight can damage these finishes rendering them useless for your project.  


Steel shipping containers are impervious to extreme weather and can easily

protect your materials, tools, and equipment from most weather damage.  


Further, if your materials or equipment are temperature sensitive, you can opt for a storage container with climate control.  


#4. Accident Prevention  


Keeping tools, scrap, and unused materials organized does more than just leave your site ready for work the next day, it can help prevent accidents too.  


Think of your storage container as a giant, secure, durable, yet mobile toolbox where everyone can pack their tools and materials, keeping the job site clean and ensuring that everything is in its place.  


This not only prevents avoidable construction site accidents but not leaving tools and materials lying around also minimizes the opportunity for damage from curious thieves or mischief-makers.  


By tidying tools and materials in a shipping container storage solution you: 


  • Minimize the risk of accidents for your workforce and any visitors.  
  • Save time because everything is easy to find since it’s in the correct place.  
  • Save money as you can control inventory for materials and components.  


Not to mention, trip hazards will be a thing of the past with our Atlas Shelving System. Everything will always, be in its place. Nice!  


It’s simple. A well-organized shipping container with dedicated tools and equipment storage means your workers won’t have to waste time finding the tools that they need to complete the job.

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#5. Avoiding Employee Mistakes  


Having a place for employees to do paperwork, eat lunch, or take a break is a necessity at busy construction sites.  


Mobile shipping container offices provide a portable  

yet comfortable office space for any job site.  


The fact is, tired people make more mistakes, and if your team doesn’t have a place to decompress or take a break, it can be detrimental to your bottom line and employee morale.  


  • Modified shipping containers provide excellent break rooms on construction sites, no matter how remote.  


  • A secure office also gives the site manager the space to ensure operations are running smoothly, take phone calls, or do important paperwork.  


Ultimately, investing in containers is a wise decision for any company looking to maximize productivity while minimizing costly errors at their construction site.  


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Prevent Jobsite Mistakes  


From theft prevention and organization to a comfortable space for your team to take a break, shipping containers are a great resource for preventing mistakes on the job site. If you’re looking to rent or buy a shipping container, you’ve found the right place!  


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