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Well-kept and organized locker rooms help create a comfortable and enjoyable work environment for your employees. Having a designated space to secure personal belongings, change clothing, and prepare for the workday ahead helps improve and maintain productivity.  


Of course, locker room design plays a large role in ensuring that the space is functional and meets your employee’s needs. That’s where a shipping container modification comes in!  


Learn why shipping containers are the perfect solution for employee locker rooms from our team at A American Container. Ready? Let’s go!  

Why Should Companies Have Employee Locker Rooms? 


The construction, gas, and oil industries often use shipping container locker rooms for their workers at remote job sites.  


These spaces are the perfect place to: 


  • Take a break 
  • Use the restroom 
  • Take a shower 
  • Store valuables and uniforms 
  • Change clothes  


Access to a clean and comfortable locker room helps  

boost employee morale & productivity.  


Further, workers who are exposed to contaminants at a job site need a decontamination station where they can remove personal protective equipment, shower, and then change into their civilian clothing.  


Shipping Container Locker Room Benefits  


Why should you consider a modified shipping container for an employee locker room? Well, shipping containers are durable, mobile, secure, and when the modifications are done right, they can be incredibly comfortable.  


Shipping containers provide the ideal mobile locker room  

solution for construction and industrial companies.  


The biggest benefit of using a shipping container as a locker room is that it can easily be placed wherever it is most needed. The mobility of shipping container locker rooms allows companies to reposition the structure when they change job sites or locations, reducing the downtime needed for breaks. They also eliminate the need to construct a new facility at each location.   


Additionally, employees will always appreciate a clean climate-controlled place to take a break or use the restroom in—something that they wouldn’t find in a porta-potty!  



Ready to design a shipping container locker room? Our team here at A American Container can cut and weld containers to add doors, windows, shelving, storage solutions, and more! Contact us today for a quote; 813-740-1911! 


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Shipping Containers: Superior Locker Room Solutions 


Compared to other job site locker room solutions, shipping containers provide a superior solution. Along with their average 25-year lifespan, mobility, and CORTEN steel construction, our modified containers offer many other benefits including: 


  • Electricity: All electrical components will be pre-installed so you can quickly connect your electricity once your container arrives.  


  • No special foundation required: In most cases, you won’t need ramps, tie downs, or a permanent foundation, just a stable level piece of ground.  


  • Low maintenance: Because shipping containers are designed for life at sea, they require very little upkeep, keeping your company’s maintenance costs low.  


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Designing a Shipping Container Locker Room 


Before designing a locker room for your job site, consider what you want to provide for your employees. To create the best space possible, consider:  


  • Lockers 
  • Benches 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Insulation 
  • Lighting 
  • Durable non-slip flooring 
  • Privacy windows 
  • Electrical connections 
  • Ventilation 


If you are planning to include a bathroom, consider: 


  • Bathroom stalls 
  • Sinks 
  • Showers 
  • Water heater  


Ultimately, the items on this list will ensure that your locker room will be a comfortable and functional space for your employees, allowing them to make the most of their workday.  

Employee Locker Room Solutions  


Boost employee morale and productivity with a modified shipping container locker room from A American Container! We can design a fully functional locker room with shelving, electricity, insulation, HVAC, and more!  


Ready to get started? Give us a call at 813-740-1911 or fill out our quote form online. We can’t wait to help you think outside the box!  




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