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There are many options to choose from when adding affordable storage solutions to your job site or property, including storage sheds and shipping containers. While sheds have been used for decades to store equipment, shipping containers are growing in popularity as a convenient storage solution.  


While each of these options can effectively tackle the job at the hand, it’s important to consider the features of both to determine which option best meets your needs. 



Consider Size 


Considering the size of your desired storage space will go a long way toward determining whether a shipping container or shed is best for your needs. Storage sheds tend to be smaller in size, so they can fit in smaller yards or spaces.  


Shipping containers, on the other hand, are normally rather large—they tend to range in length from 20 to 40 feet. Though these larger sizes are common, our modification team at A American Container can create a shipping container to fit your space. Need a smaller container? Done! Need a larger container? Done!  


Further, shipping containers have more interior height than a shed of a similar size. High cube shipping containers give you an additional foot of interior height, which makes them perfect to store smaller machinery. A standard height 20’ container has an opening of up to 7 feet which allows you to store large items such as cars, small trucks, ATVs, and other equipment.  






If you want doors on the side, a walk-through door, a roll-up door, or even windows, we can get it done 



Our team can fully modify any size of a shipping container to fit any business or homeowner’s needs. 



Further, we can add custom shelving, electricity, ventilation, lighting, and more! Will a shed company do that for you? Probably not. Call A American Container for a modification quote today;  (813) 740-1911!  




Sheds can be quite difficult to keep mice and other pests out of. Especially since mice can sneak into a hole as small as ¼” in diameter! Shipping containers are mouse-proof. Their doors are double gasketed which forms an extremely tight seal against weather, insects, and other pests.  




The biggest advantage to using a shipping container as a storage shed is that they are better constructed. They are built with 14-gauge Corten steel that if left unpainted will weather to a stable patina for several years.  


Once shipping containers are painted with weather-proof high-quality industrial paint, their Corten steel is protected and resists rot from all sides, even the bottom. Unless you purchase a costly vinyl shed, you will have to paint your shed every couple of years, otherwise, the wood will crack and rot.  



A new shipping container can sit for 10 to 15 years before needing maintenance.  



Containers are strong and built to last, in fact, they are built to withstand the weight of six fully loaded containers stacked on top of them! That’s at least 372,000 pounds! It’s satisfying to know that your shipping container will be able to hold more weight than you will ever need to store.  


Lawnmowers, wood splitters, tractors, mini excavators, and other heavy equipment all can safely be stored in a shipping container. Can these fit in a standard storage shed? We don’t think so!  



Multiple Uses  


Both sheds and shipping containers can be a great way to store extra items that won’t fit in your garage. But what if you want to use the space for more than just storage? If you would like to build an office or workshop, a shipping container can be a versatile solution. Due to their size, you’ll have ample room to build out a storage space with shelving and a workspace! 




One of the best advantages of storage containers is that they are far more secure than sheds. The 14-gauge steel that they are constructed from will deter even the most tenacious of thieves, and with our proprietary DRP Locking system, they are virtually impenetrable even if a thief wields a crowbar or bolt cutters.  



Purchase a Shipping Container Today 


As you can see, a shipping container offers much more versatility, durability, and security than a standard backyard shed. From job sites and commercial applications to at-home storage, shipping containers are the solution for all your storage needs! Don’t forget! Our modification team can take your container from a blank slate to the storage or office space that you’ve always wanted!  


Ready for a shipping container quote? Call our team at A American Container today; (813) 740-1911!  

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