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Struggling to stay motivated in your shipping container office? Perhaps all it needs is a little more light! Transform your dull and dreary workspace into a productive area with just a little bit of illumination. 


Our container modification pros at A American Container offer tips on how to effectively light up your ground-level office (GLO) it’s time to shed some light on your workday! 

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Understanding the Impact of Lighting on Mood and Productivity 


Good lighting isn’t just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a critical aspect of an efficient and enjoyable work environment.  


The lighting quality in your container office can
notably affect both your mood and productivity.  


Studies continually show that natural light is the best kind of light for the workspace. It not only improves mood but also boosts general health by maintaining our body’s circadian rhythm, which manages sleep patterns and energy levels.  


A American Container tip: When designing your shipping container office, ensure it features large windows to maximize the amount of sunshine entering the workspace.  


The Role of Artificial Light  


While natural light is ideal, it isn’t always an option, particularly in a container office. But, don’t worry. You can still generate an efficient and comfortable workspace with artificial light. 


LED lights, for example, can provide substantial light output and various color temperatures ranging from the warm ambiance of incandescent bulbs to the crisp, white light of a sunny day.

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Types of Lighting Modifications  


At A American Container, we offer a variety of lighting modifications to help light your workspace. Some of the lighting options we offer include:  


Overhead Lighting 


This is a prime lighting choice for GLOs. These lights are typically installed into the ceiling of the container, thereby saving space and ensuring uniform illumination. 


Perfect for general task lighting, we install LED overhead lights that will illuminate your whole workspace effectively. Note: Customized layout options are available. Please contact us for a quote!  


Flood Lights 


For outdoor or exterior lighting needs, floodlights are an excellent option. They emit a broad-spectrum light that covers a large area and can be particularly beneficial for safety and security concerns during darker hours. 


Our flood lights can be located wherever you want on the exterior of your container, and motion sensors are also available.  


Porch Lights 


Porch lights provide targeted illumination and are best suited for doorways and entrances, ensuring easy access after dark. They can also add aesthetic appeal to your container office. 


Our porch lights can be connected to a light switch and we can also install a daylight sensor that will turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Ultimate security! 


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Exploring Creative Container Lighting Solutions 


With limited natural light and confined space, it becomes crucial to focus on illuminating your mobile container office effectively.  


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Our top tips include:  


  • Maximize Natural Light: Nothing beats the benefits of natural light in terms of wellness and power efficiency. Strategically place windows and doors to take advantage of sunlight during work hours. 


  • Choose the Right Artificial Lighting: For project managers, we recommend opting for natural, cool, white lights in task areas to maintain concentration and avoid eye strain. While if providing mobile breakrooms for workers, warm lighting options create a relaxing atmosphere. 


  • Consider Light Placement: Lights should be positioned where they won’t cause screen glare on computers or cast shadows on workspaces. Consider adjustable desk lamps that let you control the lighting direction.  


Since You’re Here > What Modifications Does A American Container Offer? 


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A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage  


Lighting plays a pivotal role in creating a comfortable and productive job site work area. It can significantly influence your team’s mood, energy levels, and overall productivity. Therefore, when planning your cargo container ground-level office or workshop modifications, give priority to your lighting. 


Not sure where to start? Our expert team at A American Container is here to guide you through every step of the process! From planning your office design to choosing lighting solutions, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have a workspace that’s not just functional, but a perfect blend of style, comfort, and efficiency! 


Light up your mobile office and enhance productivity. Contact our friendly team for a modification quote today at 813-740-1911! 


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