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If you are working on a job site, you need a safe place to store valuable items, complete business operations, and make phone calls. While you could take on these tasks from a traditional office environment or a shared workspace close by, those options are likely inefficient and a waste of time and energy, since you need to be on-site to interface with your crew without distractions.  


In this case, a mobile shipping container office can be a way to get the privacy and security that you need, while being environmentally friendly! 


Our team at A American Container discusses why a shipping container office can be a great addition to your job site.  

Why Shipping Containers?  


Shipping container mobile offices are growing in popularity due to the strength of the steel that the containers are made from as well as their versatility.  



When shipping containers are no longer used for freight transport, they can be repurposed into offices, storage solutions, restaurants, and more!  



Steel cargo containers make a great solution for job sites for many reasons including: 


  • They have a long lifespan and can be modified to meet your unique needs 


  • You can add windows, doors, HVAC, locking systems, and more!  


  • Used shipping containers can be refurbished. We can paint it and install new flooring.  


  • You can get a fully customized container delivered directly to your job site.  


  • Your shipping container office can be moved to any job site location, reducing your long-term overhead costs for office space.  


  • You can use a shipping container for a permanent office space depending on your business.  


Secure your job site with mobile office modifications from A American Container! How can we help you think outside the box?® Request a quote today!  



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Go Green  


You can save money on business operations by making “green” choices with your building projects. Reusing a shipping container is a great place to start, but there are many ways that you can also incorporate green solutions into your business with a shipping container.  


Some ideas: 


  • If you are planning on installing a bathroom, kitchen, or shower, you can incorporate water-saving plumbing fixtures. Imagine the savings at your job site if you install low-flow toilets! 


  • Consider installing solar panels on the roof of your shipping container to harness the power from the sun.  


  • Install windows or skylights in your container so you don’t have to turn on many lights during the day.  



  • Use energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting to run your mobile office efficiently.  


Depending on your needs, your shipping container office could become an energy-saving asset for your business. The best part? Since shipping containers are made to withstand stormy seas, you can rest assured that your mobile office is safe and watertight no matter the weather.  



Shipping containers are a smart investment because they retain their value.  



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Mobile Solutions  


With a shipping container office, you have the flexibility to move anywhere anytime, and set up your workspace within minutes. Further, shipping containers can be modified to become guard shacks for those times when you need a little more security in the off-hours like nighttime.  


If you find that you no longer need your onsite mobile office, your shipping container could be repurposed into a workshop, storage container, or equipment locker for job site or home use. With shipping containers, the possibilities for their modifications and usage are endless!  


Go Green with A American  


If you are ready to build a mobile office or storage space for your construction job site, you’ve found the right people for the job! Our talented modification team here at A American Container can make your mobile office dreams a reality with electricity, HVAC solutions, locks, shelving, windows, and more!  


Get a quote for a shipping container office today; (813) 740-1911!   

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