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Open-side steel cargo containers are not just for storage – they are the ultimate game-changer in maximizing efficiency and creativity in various settings. Whether you’re a construction manager looking to store heavy machinery or a visionary entrepreneur seeking an innovative retail display, the possibilities with these shipping containers are endless. 


Today, our container pros at A American Container will explore five creative ways to harness the power of open-side containers, providing you with inspiration and practical tips to elevate your projects to new heights.  


We’ll explore ideas for:  


#1. Large Equipment Storage  

#2. Concession Stands  

#3. Retail Pop-Ups  

#4. Open Air Office Spaces 

#5. Medical Units 


Let’s get inspired! 

open side container door open

Benefits of Using Open-Side Steel Containers 


Open-side shipping containers offer a plethora of benefits that you can capitalize on. Whether it’s for shipping, storing, or transforming into a trendy food joint, these containers can do it all.  


#1. Large Equipment Storage  


If you’re dealing with large equipment and machinery, constantly stressing over how to store them safely and efficiently, open-side containers may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for. No more wrestling with oddly sized objects and trying to fit them through a regular door! These containers offer a flexible solution that allows you to take full advantage of the expansive side opening.  


  • Easy Access: The extra-wide side opening allows for quick and easy access to your stored equipment. This is especially useful for machinery or tools that are needed regularly and need to be readily available. 
  • Efficient Space Usage: Utilizing the full width of the container enables optimal usage of space. This is particularly beneficial if you have many pieces of equipment – you can easily organize and access them without the constraint of a small entrance. 
  • Handling Convenience: The wide opening allows for easy maneuvering of equipment inside the container. This feature is immensely practical during the loading and unloading, reducing the likelihood of damage to your equipment. 
  • Flexibility: The open-side steel container does not limit you to a specific size or type of equipment. This versatility is what makes these containers an excellent storage solution for businesses with varied types of machinery. 


As you can see, when it comes to storing large equipment, open-side shipping containers are worth considering. They’re more than just a storage facility – they’re a world of convenience, safety, and efficiency all rolled into one. 

#2. Concession Stands  


If you’re an entrepreneur in the food industry— whether you’re selling hot dogs at local football games or wanting to start that coffee stand you’ve always dreamt of— an open-side steel cargo container could be the perfect solution for you.  


  • With the ability to open the side completely, it lets you serve customers efficiently and set up shop virtually anywhere.
  • These containers stand through harsh weather, ensuring your business operates without any hiccups. Plus, they’re virtually maintenance-free, giving you peace of mind.
  • You can easily modify and decorate your ‘shop’ to resemble any look and feel you want. They are a blank canvas awaiting our team’s creative touch.


It’s true! With the right balance of creativity and practicality, an open-side shipping container can be transformed into a functional, attractive, and cost-effective concession stand, turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. 

#3. Retail Pop-Ups  


Imagine the potential of a mobile, easily accessible retail shop that can be placed wherever your customers are. The open-side design invites passersby to step inside and experience your brand in a unique, immersive setting. Simultaneously, the solid construction provides security for your stock, and the mobility of such containers allows you to seize opportunities at various venues and events.  


Moreover, these steel containers are highly customizable; they can be fitted with shelves, displays, or any other structures your retail setup might need.  


Someone once said that in retail, location is everything. With an open-side cargo container as your pop-up shop, you can bring your location (and your products) right to your customers, wherever they are. That’s a retail solution that’s as smart as it is versatile! 


#4. Open Air Workshop 


Imagine this: an open-side workshop right at your construction site or even in your backyard. If you’re into woodworking, metalwork, welding, etc., consider this option as the base of your personal, spacious hobby workshop. We love the idea!  


From lighting and HVAC to shelving and secure locking systems, our modification team at A American Container can make your shipping container the ultimate workshop! Contact us for a quote today!  


#5. Medical Unit  


Whether it’s by serving as an emergency medical unit during a time of natural disaster or offering quick-responding healthcare during a large event, these containers demonstrate versatility and usefulness. Thanks to the open side aspect, they provide easy and quick access, necessary in healthcare emergencies.  


  • Natural Disaster Medical Unit: Natural disasters can occur without warning, leaving communities in dire need of immediate healthcare. With open-side cargo containers, effective and practical solutions can quickly be deployed. Their strong steel build provides durability to withstand harsh conditions, while their open side provides easy and immediate access to medical supplies. 
  • Event Medical Support: Large events often require on-hand medical support. However, setting up a fully equipped medical center can be challenging. Open-side containers can be quickly converted into effective, fully equipped, mobile medical units. 


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A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage   


As you can see, there are many innovative ways that your business can use an open-side container to your advantage. At A American Container, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the ideal solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.  


With our knowledge and experience in container modifications, we are confident in our ability to revolutionize your business operations. Ready to streamline your processes and enhance productivity? Contact us today at 813.740.1911 or call/text 813.945.9521 and let us show you the endless possibilities our containers can offer for your business! 


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