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Shipping container modifications are designed to enhance the usability and functionality of a container. Shipping containers are ideal for storing equipment, job site offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more!  

While we usually tell clients to think outside the box, thinking inside the box and decorating your shipping container can make a difference to its appeal.  

Here are our favorite ways to modify and decorate a shipping container:  



Adding Windows 

Windows are great modifications because they enhance the visibility to the outside of your container and let natural light in—something you need if you use a shipping container as an office! You could also install curtains or blinds to make your shipping container more private.  

To protect the glass, shipping containers can be equipped with a metal grate to protect them from break-ins and debris.  


Interior Insulation 


Insulation is a must in Florida. It provides control against temperature changes when used as an office or storage space. We offer two kinds of insulation depending on your needs: 


  • Closed-cell spray foam: Mold and mildew resistant and can be cleaned with a hose.  


  • Fiberglass insulation: Professional looking and can be customized with the colors of your choice.  



Proper Ventilation  


Ventilation is also important in Florida as it allows air to circulate throughout the inside of the container and helps control inside humidity. We offer traditional square and our proprietary lateral vents to keep your container secure and humidity-free.  

Ready to modify your shipping container? Call our friendly team at A American Container today to discuss modification options—813.740.1911! 


Electrical Installations  


Installing electrical adds functionality to your container as you can power lighting, HVAC, tools, appliances, Wi-Fi, computers, and much more!  

At A American Container you can modify your shipping container with: 

  • Outlets 
  • LED overhead lighting 
  • Floodlights 
  • Porch lights 


And the following HVAC options: 

  • Through-wall AC 
  • Mini-split AC 
  • Commercial Wall HVAC  


The modifications don’t have to stop there! Think about what kind of lighting you could install in your containers such as LED strip lights, overhead or floor-level ambient lighting, or how about a small chandelier? The possibilities are endless!  



Partition Walls 


Partition walls allow you to create a custom storage space or office space within a shipping container. You could have inventory storage for your online retail business on one side of your shipping container and on the other side of the wall could be an office where you answer emails and ship packages. 


Wall Coverings 


While we can paint the outer walls of your shipping container any color that you prefer, inside most clients have us keep walls fairly plain. But they don’t have to stay that way! Think about other wall covering options such as wallpaper or wood paneling—especially if you are using the container for an office or hobby area. If you feel comfortable, then you’re more likely to use your unit more often.  





Shipping containers usually come with thick marine-grade plywood flooring but there are many ways that you can upgrade your container’s flooring.  

At A American Container, we offer these flooring options: 




The least expensive option to change the appearance of your shipping container’s floor is to paint it. Depending on the type of paint used, it can be very durable, especially if you are using the container as an office space. We can paint the floor any color that you choose!  


Diamond Plate Steel or Aluminum 


Sometimes you need a stronger floor, at A American Container, we can install diamond plate flooring to make your container durable for use as an equipment storage space or workshop.  


Vinyl Flooring 


If you want a durable, easy to clean floor covering, vinyl flooring is a great choice.  


If you want to further decorate your container, you can install wood flooring, stencil the painted floor with an interesting pattern, or install carpet to make an office space cozier and more inviting.   


Store It All With Shelving 


Storage and shelving are both very important in a shipping container whether you use it as a workshop, office, or storage space. While you could simply add metal shelving units to your space, our proprietary Atlas shelving system is a perfect solution for storage and decorating needs.  

The Atlas shelving system is fully adjustable and attaches to the tie downs located along the top of the container. This system does not require drilling or take up valuable floor space as it is suspended from overhead tie-downs. Each bracket is rated at 1,000 lbs. (You can store a lot of stuff!)  

Plus, there are: 

  • Three shelving depths: 16”, 20”, and 24”  
  • 6 brackets for 3 shelves 


If hanging shelving is not your style, you can install bookshelves, metal storage shelves, cabinetry, and more!  



Shipping Container Modifications 


At A American Container, we know that the storage needs and functionality requirements can vary greatly depending on the purpose and the project. Our storage containers can be fully modified and customized to meet your unique needs.  

Contact our experienced Tampa, Fl based team to design a customized shipping container office, storage space, or workshop just for you.  


Whatever you dream, we can do it! How can we help you Think Outside of the Box ®? Call us today at —813.740.1911! 

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