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At A American, we like helping clients think outside the box. Our durable containers are used for all types of workspaces, but one of our top unique possibilities with a shipping container rental is seasonal storage for retail stores. Pop your excess inventory into a secure container, and go about your business.  

You have enough to worry about with seasonal sales and attracting new shoppers all while giving great service to existing ones. On top of promotions, you have inventory to manage, a team to keep motivated, product displays to get designed & set up, and sales goals to hit. We can help keep your store organized with retail inventory management solutions.  

Even better, our steel container rentals are quick to set up and mobile. You can set up anywhere you have access to use land.  

Retail stores and industrial shipping containers are the perfect match! Let’s talk about some of the benefits of using a shipping container for your shop: 


Benefits of Shipping Containers for Retail Shops 


It’s hard to stand out in a saturated market. That’s why you have to think outside the box and come up with a unique way to position your business in front of prospective customers. You can’t do that if your store is overly cluttered or your mind is racing with how to store and keep track of your excess inventory or product displays. That’s where a shipping container rental (or purchase) for retail stores comes in!  

Cut the clutter and get your store organized with an easy-to-use container that arrives quickly and is ready to use with minimal site prep. It’s the fastest way to expand your storage (and sales) capacity! A American steel container storage improves efficiency and gives peace of mind to retail stores that need secure storage for goods.  

 The best things about using a shipping container for storage are: 


  • Low overhead cost 
  • Temporary storage for your excess inventory (those promotions mean you’ll sell much more and you’ll need a place to keep it all) 
  • Store E-commerce goods in a secure, physical location 
  • Short-term use and mobile for multiple store locations 
  • Can use for seasonal shopping displays or retail store remodels 
  • With modification, it’s climate-controlled inventory storage with racking space and all the shelving you’ll need to stay organized 
  • Remove stress so you can focus on generating buzz about your business or a product 


Our team likes to be creative and can quote for any shipping container sale. We also offer modifications (including wiring for lighting and AC) to customize your mobile store and multiple security options to keep all your inventory safe at closing time. Contact our Tampa area shipping container sales company for a custom quote! 


Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for a Store 


Tampa Bay is known for our shopping!  It’s part of why our local economy is growing quickly. More shoppers and year-round holidays can make it harder to stay on top of everything going on in your store. Improving your inventory management with secure on or off-site storage containers makes day-to-day operations run more smoothly for retailers of all types. Our clients appreciate how useful container storage is especially for storing offseason-merchandise, overflow inventory, or bulkier goods that need racks or shelves. 

Here are other reasons why our shipping containers may be a good fit for a store: 


  • Designed to be mobile, we can tow it to where you need it 
  • Easily customized 
  • Lockable  
  • Varying sizes 
  • Affordable Rental Price 
  • Affordable Sales Price 
  • Durable for all types of weather 


Mobility is key here. If you have multiple store locations, we can help you move your container around the Tampa area making it easier to manage your overflow inventory! Our customer service team coordinates delivery wherever you need it. A steel shipping container rental for your retail store makes it easier to manage your business.  

From clothing and merchandise to auto parts and electronics, at A American, we make smart storage simple. Our container rentals are cost-effective to help with all of your retail storage needsYou can get a FREE quote at any time and we’ll help you choose a steel shipping container that will suit your store. Just click here to get started!   


Why Choose a Shipping Container 


Affordable Rental Price 

You may not need to move or remodel when you can optimize floor space by converting areas once used for storage to increase display capacity and make it easier for buyers to shop. All at an affordable price point!  

Our shipping container rentals can lower the cost of inventory and back-office material storage tremendously. Plus, we care about keeping it as secure as possible.  


Ease of Customization 

Practically anything you can think up, we can customize.  If you want windows, doors, shelves, paint, or cabinets, A American incorporates them into a shipping container work or storage space!  

The exterior frame can easily be cut to your exact specifications, and you can change the look and feel of the outside very easily with custom paint if our standard grey doesn’t fit your brand. Instant polish for any store’s storage needs! 

Ready for Retail 

Get set up quickly with a shipping container. Easy-to-use doors make loading and unloading simple.  Just place your inventory or retail displays in the storage container, and you’re ready to go. Our rentals can be shorter than a standard storage unit lease, all you need is access to land. 

If you are remodeling one of your stores, we can help you easily manage your retail inventory storage so you can focus on running your business. 


Manage Your Inventory Storage With A Shipping Container 

From layaway items and seasonal inventory to overflow goods and back office items, a shipping container can store it allReady to see how we can help better manage your store inventory? We’ve got the steel container rentals in Tampa Bay, Florida to get you started! At A American Container, we specialize in customizing shipping containers for storage, portable offices, studios, and more!  


Think outside the box for your retail location. Give us a call at 813.740.1911 to discuss modification options, container sizes, paint colors, and more! 


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