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If you are a business owner who is considering purchasing a shipping container for storage purposes, you may have wondered if it is necessary to secure it to the ground. Though not always necessary, securing your shipping container to the ground can provide added security and peace of mind when storing important materials or inventory.  


Many people find themselves unaware of the best way to do this, or even if they need to take this step at all. Our team at A American Container explains!  

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Securing Your Shipping Container: When is Ground Fastening Necessary? 


Shipping containers have become a popular storage solution for many individuals and businesses around the world. However, one of the most common questions asked is whether or not it is necessary to secure these containers to the ground. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you answer that question!  


Many factors come into play when determining if you need to secure your shipping container including: 


  • The location of the container 
  • Weather conditions in the area 
  • What you plan to store inside 


For example, if you live in an area with high wind speeds or heavy rainfall (hello, Florida), securing your container becomes crucial for safety reasons. 


When is Ground Fastening Necessary?


Ground fastening refers to using anchor systems to fix your steel container firmly onto the ground, making it less vulnerable to theft or displacement due to extreme weather conditions such as storms or hurricanes. 


Ground fastening is an excellent method to keep the container from being damaged even in gusts of upwards of 180 mph. 


It’s essential when you plan on leaving your shipping container in one place for an extended period without moving it around frequently. This could be because of construction work on-site or long-term storage requirements.  

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Remember: Shipping Containers are HEAVY  


These containers are already heavy on their own, even when they’re empty.  


  • 20-foot containers: 4,500 lbs.  
  • 40-foot containers: 8,000 lbs.  


Though they are heavy and can generally withstand bad weather with any extra precautions, securing your shipping container can provide peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe from theft, vandalism, and Florida’s severe weather.  


How Should I Anchor My Container?  


We recommend planning where you want your container to be and how you want to anchor it before your unit is delivered.  


To begin with, it’s important to select an appropriate location for your shipping container. Ideally, you should choose a level area of solid ground that has good drainage and is away from any potential hazards such as trees or power lines.  


Generally, for anchoring, we recommend: 


Earth Anchors  


An effective anchoring option is using earth anchors or helical piers. These types of anchors are screwed into the ground at an angle, providing strong resistance against uplifting forces caused by strong winds or storm surges. 


Steel Plate & Concrete Pad 


Anchoring a steel storage container with a steel plate and concrete pad ensures that it stays securely in place at all times. With this technique, the steel container is fastened to a concrete pad foundation using a steel plate. 


Twist Locks  


Using twist locks to anchor the container is an effective way of securing it to the ground. Twist locks are easy to use and provide a strong hold on the container. 


What are twist locks? Well, every steel shipping container has them. They work by locking two stacked shipping containers together at the corners. They are made of high-strength steel and have a twisting mechanism that securely fastens them onto the container’s corner casting. To anchor a shipping container properly, you need to use four twist locks per corner for each level of stacking. 


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Our steel cargo containers are the perfect solution for businesses looking for an extra layer of security. With their strong and reliable construction, these containers will protect your property from theft, and damage.  


Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so you can find the right fit for your needs. With our friendly team at A American Container ready to help, it’s easy to get started with a quote today 

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