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Are steel cargo containers watertight? It’s a question that often comes up in the minds of many businesses and individuals looking to invest in these versatile storage units. From being repurposed as homes, hobby spaces, and offices to serving as storage for valuable goods, shipping containers have become integral components of modern logistics and architecture. However, their ability to withstand water infiltration is a critical factor that can make or break their usability. 

Join us as our container pros at A American Container explore this question. We’ll discuss the engineering behind these robust metal boxes and determine whether they truly live up to their reputation as watertight champions.  


What Does Watertight Mean in the Shipping Container Industry? 


The term ‘watertight’ refers to a container’s ability to prevent the entry or exit of water. This means that no matter the conditions, the interior of the shipping container remains unaffected by water on the outside. 

If a container is ‘watertight’, it should be capable of keeping your contents dry under a variety of circumstances, which is crucial to the safety and protection of your goods.  


Essentially, watertight means that your container is protected from outside sources like rain or seawater.  

Are all Steel Cargo Containers Watertight? 

Well, that’s a great question and the answer lies in the fact that not all steel cargo containers are automatically watertight. Why is that you ask? The reason is twofold:  


  • First, it depends on the type and design of the container. For example, a container specifically designed for dry storage will typically be watertight while a refrigerated container might not be. 




Checking if Your Steel Cargo Container is Watertight 

With this information in mind, you may now be wondering how to check if your steel cargo container is watertight. Here at A American Container, we inspect every container before selling or renting and have some tips to help you:  


#1. Inspect the container carefully for any visible signs of damage or wear. Areas to check include the roof, floor, and side panels of the container.



#2. Perform a light test by closing the container in broad daylight and seeing if any areas allow light to pass through. If light can pass, water can too! 


#3. Conduct a water test by using a hose to run water along the exterior roof and walls, then check inside for any leaks. 



Maintaining Watertightness: Tips and Best Practices 

Maintaining water tightness is your primary defense line against unpredictable weather conditions and ensuring that your stored items remain in top-notch condition.  


  • Regular inspections are key. You need to routinely check for any signs of damage, especially after severe weather conditions. Pay special attention to container roof, this is the areas most prone to leaks. Applying a roof coat every few years help prevent leaks.  


  • Deal with rust proactively. Despite the steel construction, corrosion can cause breaches over time. Wirebrush away any hints of rust and consider applying a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint with zink. And always, remember that prevention is better than cure, so set a schedule for regular repaints.  


  • Cleaning and removing debris is another crucial practice. Water can pool and seep through tiny gaps if roofs and door areas are not cleaned frequently. Encourage on-site personnel to clear debris and check for pooling water, especially if your area often sees heavy rainfall.  


  • For ground-level offices, ensure that windows and doors are tightly sealed. Silicone-based sealants are excellent for this purpose because they are waterproof and hold fast against weather elements. If you spot any gaps in the seals, patch them up promptly. 


We understand that these maintenance tasks may seem like a lot to handle, but remember, proper maintenance of your steel cargo containers now can save you from bigger problems later! 


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It is essential to prioritize the watertightness of your storage container or office solution to safeguard your belongings. We provide reliable and secure rentals, sales, and modifications to ensure that your items are protected from any weather conditions year-round. By choosing our steel cargo containers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables will remain safe and dry.  


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