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As flames rage and temperatures soar, the integrity of shipping containers is put to the ultimate test. But rest assured, due to their fire resistance, your belongings are not just stored; they are well-protected.  


A controlled test by the National Fire Protection Association revealed that a shipping container could endure a whopping 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for over half an hour without being breached! Now, that’s impressive.  


Whether you’re a business owner considering container storage or an individual contemplating a unique housing solution, our team at A American Container covers why shipping containers are indeed considered fire-resistant—and what it means for you. 


Let’s get into it!  

exterior of a container that when through a fire

What Makes Shipping Containers Fire Resistant? 


When we think about the core elements that make up a fire – heat, fuel, and oxygen – shipping containers offer very little that appeals to these elements.  


Shipping containers are primarily made from COR-TEN steel. As a non-combustible material, steel does not catch, fuel, or spread fire. This means if a fire starts within a container, the flames have nothing to latch onto and fuel their spread.  


In addition, steel containers also intrinsically possess high melting points. This means they typically won’t warp, melt, or lose their structural integrity until they’re subjected to extreme temperatures. 


Even in situations where a fire might occur within the container, the steel construction will contain the fire, helping to prevent the spread to other areas.  


Let’s say you have a fire outbreak in your shipping container. What happens? Well, the principles of combustion come into play. The fire needs oxygen to keep burning, and within a sealed container, the supply is limited. This means the flames rage on only until the oxygen depletes.  


Ultimately, once the oxygen within the cargo container is consumed, the fire meets its natural demise: it’s extinguished.  


A Look at Container Contents  


What about the contents within these containers, you ask? Great question! Depending on what is stored within, there can be variations in the duration to which the shipping container can resist the fire.  


Highly flammable materials might still present a risk if not adequately stored or handled. However, an appropriate interior setup and organization can significantly mitigate these risks.  


  • Applying fire-resistant paint 
  • Installing fire-resistant insulation 
  • Utilizing fireproof interior cladding 
  • Mindful spacing between stored items 


By incorporating these measures, you can enhance the fire resistance of your shipping container, regardless of its utilization.  

outside container that went through a fire

The Advantages of Fire-Resistant Shipping Containers 


The benefits of fire-resistant shipping containers are numerous and tailor-made to meet the unique needs of homeowners, businesses, and construction sites.  


Unfailing Safety 


Manufactured to withstand intense heat, your property and belongings are guarded against significant fire damage. This is especially important for items that are irreplaceable like family heirlooms or significant documents. 


They also offer a layer of security for businesses that want to protect expensive equipment or valuable stock from the devastating effects of fire.  


Durable and Resilient 


There’s a reason why the COR-TEN steel that cargo containers are made out of is also used in the construction of bridges and skyscrapers. It’s incredibly durable and resilient.  


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Peace of Mind 


Knowing your precious items, irreplaceable belongings, or essential business equipment are stored in a fire-resistant structure offers great peace of mind. In the case of a fire, you are provided with the assurance that your belongings are far less likely to be destroyed.  


However, as a responsible owner or renter of cargo containers, it’s crucial not just to rely on the fire resistance of shipping containers but also to implement regular fire safety practices. 


  • Ensure you’re storing items correctly 
  • Maintain the container 
  • Keep the area clear of fire hazards 


This way, you’ll make the most of the fire resistance that these containers have to offer.  


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interior of container that had a fire inside

A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage   


The inherent fire resistance of shipping containers makes them a great choice, particularly for those who wish to build a house, store valuable items, or create a mobile office space. With their robust build and resilience, they outlive many traditional building materials and promise a solid return on investment.  


So, as you’re considering your next storage or building solution, keep steel cargo containers on your list! When it comes to durability, dependability, and sheer resilience, there is no match for the humble shipping container.  


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