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The world of shipping containers is one of rugged resilience, economic efficiency, and endless possibilities for repurposing. These sturdy metal giants traverse oceans, endure harsh weather conditions, and serve as the backbone of global trade.  

Yet beneath their durability lies a hidden vulnerability – the insidious threat of dampness and condensation. While these containers may appear impervious to the elements, their susceptibility to moisture-related damage poses a significant challenge that demands attention. 

The impact of dampness and condensation on these seemingly indestructible structures can be profound, leading to corrosion, mold growth, deterioration of goods, and even compromising the structural integrity of the container itself.  

Continue scrolling for expert advice from the A American Container team on how to reduce humidity effectively in your storage container or ground-level office space. 


What Causes Humidity Inside Shipping Containers?  

Humidity in shipping container storage solutions can be attributed to several factors including: 



External factors such as weather conditions can contribute to dampness in shipping container storage. If the containers are exposed to high moisture environments or heavy rainfall (Hello, Florida), moisture can seep into the container through gaps or damaged seals, increasing the overall humidity levels. 



When warm air comes into contact with the cold surface of the container, it cools down and loses its ability to hold moisture, leading to condensation. This condensation can occur on the walls, ceiling, and even the cargo inside the container, resulting in increased moisture in the container.  


Poor Ventilation 

Insufficient airflow within the container can trap moisture and prevent it from escaping, leading to a buildup of humidity. This can happen when containers are tightly packed or when obstructions are blocking the vents or air circulation. 


Inadequate Insulation 

Containers with poor insulation may allow outside air to penetrate, leading to temperature differences and subsequent condensation.  


Improper Storage Practices 

We thoroughly clean all used containers, but depending on what you plan to securely store, you may want to keep moisture and humidity in mind to protect your property.  




Minimizing Humidity in Your Cargo Container  

Looking to curb the moisture in your shipping container? Our team at A American Container has compiled an array of moisture-combatting tips that can help. Let’s get into it!  

#1. Inspect and Seal Your Container   

Before selling or renting, we powerwash and inspect every container for any gaps, cracks, or holes that may allow water or humid air to enter. A American always repair the steel portion of container, by weld the repair, never using caulking, or other sealing materials that will fail over time. For cargo doors, we repair or replace the door gasket. 

By creating a watertight and airtight seal, we can significantly reduce the amount of moisture that enters the container, thereby minimizing humidity.  


#2. Ensure Proper Ventilation 

Trust us, good ventilation goes a long way in preventing moisture buildup. Consider installing lateral vents to encourage the flow of air and minimize the concentration of moist air trapped in the container. A well-ventilated container will significantly reduce the chances of condensation.  


#3. Insulate Your Container   

Consider insulating your shipping container. This not only helps maintain a balance in temperature but also prevents the cool metal walls of the container from coming into contact with warm air, which leads to condensation. Foam insulation is a great option, providing moisture resistance while also enhancing the container’s thermal performance.  


#4. Control the Temperature  

Lowering the temperature inside the shipping container can help to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. This can be achieved by using proper HVAC solutions. 

By maintaining a cooler temperature, the air inside the container will hold less moisture, resulting in lower humidity levels. It is important to regularly monitor and adjust the temperature to ensure optimal moisture control. 


#5. Use Desiccants  

Desiccants are substances that absorb moisture from the air, helping to keep the environment dry. Silica gel packets, for example, are commonly used desiccants that can be placed inside the shipping container. These packets absorb excess moisture, preventing condensation and subsequent humidity.  

Note: It is important to regularly monitor and replace the desiccants to ensure their effectiveness.  


#6. Install a Dehumidifier   

Consider installing a dehumidifier, which can pull water from the air; significantly reducing the level of humidity within the space. This can be particularly useful in climates like Florida where high moisture in the air is a persistent issue. However, remember that dehumidifiers require a power source, so plan accordingly.  


A American Tip: Keeping a vigilant eye on the dampness inside your shipping container is vital, not only to maintain the integrity of the items stored within but also to preserve the physical structure of the container itself. Consider installing humidity cards or a hygrometer to help you keep an eye on your container’s moisture levels.  


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A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage   


Ensuring proper humidity in your shipping container is essential to preserving the quality of your stored goods and equipment.   

Not sure where to start? That’s where our modification team at A American Container comes in! We offer a comprehensive range of services, including ventilation, HVAC, insulation, and more, to address any moisture control needs for your storage container or container office.  

Don’t let humidity issues compromise the integrity of your stored items- contact us today at 813-740-1911 to ensure peace of mind for your business! 


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