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A American is proud to give back to our neighbors by doing a community project of building desks for underprivileged students who have to do school from home during the pandemic.

So far, we have built 28 desks, 22 have gone to Friends of the Children. The other 6 are heading to University Area CDC. They have requested 40, but I’m sure that will grow once the desks are distributed.

Every Friday afternoon, our dedicated team puts down the welding equipment and pick up saws and hammers to start working with wood. You have to understand; this is totally new to most of the guys. They understand steel…wood has been a challenge, but one they all have embraced for the children.

As the owner of A American, I’m truly blessed by such a great team who care about our clients and the community. They work hard on these community projects and enjoy giving back how we can. From refurbishing a shipping container to donate to a school football team or homeless shelter to building desks for students, when the A American team works together we can do it all.


Here’s what our team has been up to…



*The dogs have helped too. Certainly, they bring a smile to the guy’s faces.

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