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Angie Payne

Angie Payne

Legacy and perseverance are two of the cornerstones for this comptroller turned owner and CEO. Together with her late husband, Dale, Angie took a leap of faith in 1999 to found what has become an area leader in the portable storage container industry with national influence while still maintaining a “mom and pop” feel.

As an accountant at heart, Angie puts a priority on planning, but as a business owner and mother of two, she also knows plans can change at a moment’s notice. She’s willing to be flexible and never say “never.” This fusion of strategy and adaptability is obvious in the way she approaches the needs of her customers. Under Angie’s leadership, A American Containers has grown to be one of the top providers for portable, on-demand storage in the region.

Angie knows from personal experience, there’s no obstacle too big to overcome and no problem too difficult to solve.

“You have more inside of you than you ever believed. I never thought I would be here. If you asked me, I wouldn’t have told you I could do it. But I did, and I do, one day at a time. I guess as Jesus said in Matthew 19:26, ‘With God all things are possible.’”

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